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Share your passion.

The soldiers and their families could greatly benefit from the thought and care of your collection today.

Support Our Troops® has professional appraisers who will maximize the collection for the benefit of America's troops and their families, and the tax deduction to you.  Your collection will be handled with respect and dignity.  It will go only where it is appreciated and valued.  And it will take care of the people who provide our freedom.

Please just include a list of the pieces and such notes or history about them you wish.

If you have a story to tell about the collection, please accompany it with your letter telling it.  We will make sure it travels with the collection so your story lives into the future.

Thank you from the troops!

pdfHow to send Collections to SOT

We are most grateful for the following thoughtfully curated collections:

  • Stamp collections
  • Watch collections
  • Coin collections
  • Collections of paintings
  • Gun collections
  • Antiques collections
  • First editions collections
  • Collections of objects d'art
  • Designer handbag collections
  • Collections of other objects of higher value

If you have something exceptional you wish handled in an exceptional or particular manner, please tell us and we will do so.

Your collection is full of memories and effort dear to you. Right now you can control how it is carried forward. If you wait others may substitute their desires, or worse yet it may go to the state.

Through the troops' charity, you can make your collection live forever, control its destiny, and know you have entrusted it to a good steward and the best possible purpose.

Collectibles – less formal than collections, and still valuable to the troops

We all have collectibles and take pride in them.   And they can have great value to the deployed troops and their families. 

SOT is grateful for the following types of collectibles:

  • Baseball cards
  • Classic comic books
  • Annalee Christmas
  • Vintage toys
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Celebrity memorabilia
  • Vintage Auto Racing Collectibles 1940's-1960's (trophies, drivers uniforms, photos, flags, programs Etc).

Donating collectibles collections to charity is much easier, personal, and meaningful than trying to sell them or leaving the decision to others.

Thank you from the troops!

pdfHow to send Collections to SOT

Uniform Charity Disclosure

  • Support Our Troops, Inc. TIN#33-1112829
  • Your donation is tax deductible. A proper receipt will be emailed to you
  • Your donation supports the programs and operations of SupportOurTroops.Org worldwide. SOT serves America’s troops wherever they are stationed. If they’re there, we’re with them®
  • If you have made an error in or change your mind about contributing SOT will honor your email refund or correction request made within ten days of the transaction using the original payment method.
  • Uniform Charity Disclosure