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Pentagon Warns Troops about Possible Government Shutdown

support our troops world war 2 memorialThe World World II Memorial was one of many attractions closed in 2013 during a partial government shutdown.
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Recently, Washington –  On Sept. 25, the Pentagon sent down an official warning to all troops and defense civilians that gridlock on Capitol Hill is threatening a government-wide shutdown, which could come as early as next week, and that there would be no immediate procedure in place to continue military pay, according to an article by Military Times. The deadline in Congress is Oct. 1 to reach a budget deal, and both sides of congress are trying to figure out a stopgap measure that would stop many civilian-run government operations and jeopardize troops' mid October paychecks.

"During a government shutdown, all military personnel would continue in a normal duty status; however, they would not be paid until Congress provides funding," Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work wrote in a memo sent to all Defense Department troops and civilian employees Friday morning. Previously, there was legislation passed to protect military pay during a shutdown, but it has expired.   The shutdown, if it occurs, would begin on Oct. 1, and bimonthly military paychecks will likely be unaffected because they're processed at the end of September.

The last time the government shut down for more than two weeks — over attempts to defund Obamacare — about 800,000 federal workers were placed on furlough. But the DOD was able to bring its civilians back to work after about a week, according to an article by Stars and Stripes.

Military Times said:

Defense officials say the response to a government shutdown this year would be very similar to the one that occurred in 2013. Many civilian employees would face temporary furlough, though DoD would identify thousands of workers as "essential" and order them to continue on their jobs. If Congress authorizes payments for military personnel, the civilians who process those checks would likely be declared essential employees. Overseas operations would continue into October regardless of a shutdown, but still could suffer some impact due to the civilian furloughs. In addition, a shutdown and civilian furloughs would dramatically slow or entirely halt many of the military's administrative functions and impact key civilian-run services such as military health care, child care, commissaries and other on-base services.

Many on both sides of the aisle are hopeful a compromise will be reached. ---- Check back to our blog for more military updates. Want to learn more about how to help the troops? Click here to donate and show your support for the brave men and women soldiers serving our country. Please consider reaching out to us.

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