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Red Robin supports America's troops (Part 2)

support our troops donation box red robinRed Robin box to support the troopsIn our last post, we told you about Nicole Jones, a Senior Quality Assurance Manager at Red Robin. She was inspired by our organization and decided she wanted to donate, so she organized a multi-store donation process to collect goods.

She collected donations from 42 stores in total. So how much did she collect? We'll let Nicole tell you:

"Our 42 restaurants were able to collect 810 lbs. of items; which was approximately $6500 worth of product," she said. "We collected a variety of items: phone cards, stamps, books, beef jerky, popcorn, etc."

Now that she's been through the process once, Nicole said she can't wait to do it again.

"We learned some good lessons during this event.  We got some best practices from restaurants that received a large amount of donations," she said. "Next time I will make sure to communicate these best practices so we can get even more donated items.  I will also give us a goal, because we always love a challenge."


support our troops donation box nicoleNicole Jones poses with donations collected at a Red Robin

We are grateful to Nicole and Red Robin, and all of the people and organizations who give their time and money to help out our troops.

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