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Message From troops 284

I just want to thank all of you back home who do supports us and show us your appreciation, it really makes us feel good here. I found, believe it or not, that there are people out there that don't really appreciate us and sometimes it hurts knowing that most of us have kids and spouses and family we are away from. Like me, I have been away from my now 7yr old and 4yr old sons since Jan 2005 and went from being able to visit to getting deployed July of last year to Iraq and barely even get a phone call. So getting letters, care packages, emails, phone calls to kids, and such really helps me with coping being away from them. I found that being over here makes you realize the most important things in life and how well you really have it, and money and always buying stuff and having nice cars and whatever else don't really make you happy anymore. It is your kids, family, friends, and God that matters most. Thanks again for all your support and you don't know how much we really appreciate you. The simplest things as a 'Thank You' and 'We appreciate all you are doing for us,' that people say to us when we come home and are in uniform at the airport or around, goes a long way and you don't know how good it makes us feel to wear that uniform when you guys say stuff to us like that. Keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers! ~~ SPC Misty ------, C CO 324th ITSB Camp Anaconda, Balad, Iraq, US Army, Hickory, N.C.

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