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Message From troops 326

Having completed tours in Pakistan, Iraq, and JTF HOA (Africa). I cannot express how much your support means to us. We are proud to serve for the future of our children. Thank you, Patrick ~~TSgt Patrick ------, USAF, New Preston Connecticut

Message From troops 327

I want to thank every single one of you out there that supports all of us troops over in Iraq. Currently I'm deployed in Iraq and almost every week we get packages from all over that states with goodies, books, toothpaste, you name it. I want to let everyone know that all of us LOVE our country and all of you. Thank You. ~~SSgt Justin ------, USAF, Enterprise, Ala.

Message From troops 328

I want to thank all the patriots from this site and let them know how much it means to the troops to hear a simple 'Thank You'. We are told it is a thankless job, but because of people like you, it doesn't have to be. I can only speak for myself, but I am not afraid of what happens if I die, I know where I am going. But I am afraid of what happens if we fail in this war. For our county's sake, victory is our only option. And it will take the continued support of 'True Americans' such as yourselves. Thank you. God Bless. ~~Cpl --------, United States Marine Corps, Brookings, Ore.

Message From troops 329

Good day to you all, I would like to personally thank you all for the support you are giving us. You really have NO idea what it means to have support like this...:) May God bless you and yours, Very Respectfully ~~Belinda ------, ABHAN/USN, Frankfort, Ind.

Message From troops 331

I would like to send you the thank yous from the whole D Co 1-130th ARB for the box you sent to us. It was a very uplifting gift in these times.  We deeply appreciate your support as we carry on our mission. Recent events such the failed attempt against our nation in Detroit remind us that we do serve a purpose in these often uncertain times. Once again, thank you much for your support. ~~ SPC Christian ----, Basrah, Iraq

Message From troops 269

We appreciate all of the support, and i would like to send a special thanks to someone who put his life on the line in the beginning of this war, Rick Greene. Rangers lead the way. ~~Pv2 Shannon ------. Army, Salem, N.Y.

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