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Thank you troops 200

God Bless all of you and keep you safe. Your service does not go unnoticed by us that have gone before you. ~~ Clifford -------, Binghanton, N.Y.

Thank you troops 199

Thanks to all our military past and present for their bravery. Many prayers to all. ~~Sandy, Lanexa, Va.

Thank you troops 198

As the spouse of an active duty military member, I send you thanks and much appreciation from the homefront. Your great sacrifice of being away from home and defending our nation through military service is appreciated by me and my family. I admire your courage and dedication to each other in times of strife. I wish you a safe and speedy return. You are never forgotten in my mind and heart. ~~Carol -------, Jacksonville, Fla.

Thank you troops 196

Just want to thank you all for what you are doing for my family and I. We are safe because you are protecting us. We appreciate you. God bless you and stay safe. Thank you. ~~Joe -------, Woburn, Mass.

Thank you troops 213

I am so grateful for our men and women that are in harm's way think about you everyday love you guys come home soon! ~~Kyle -------, Saginaw, Mich.

Thank you troops 214

I would like to express my extreme gratitude to the brave men and women fighting for our country. I think about you all the time and pray for your safe return. I can't express how proud and grateful I am that you would volunteer yourself in order to protect us all! You are in my thoughts and prayers. Be safe and come home soon. ~~Christy W., Canton, Ga.

* Service members, please provide a non .mil address. Thank you.