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Remarks on Memorial Day 2007

It's Memorial Day!

Remarks posted on website by Chairman Martin Boire for Memorial Day, 2007.
It's Memorial Day! A day where we focus on those who make it all possible of us. America was established and is defended with the blood of her troops, veterans, and war dead. Governments past have ordered them to battle to establish and defend the nation in which we thrive. The highest respect we can pay America's war dead and veterans is to improve what they were asked to create and protect, and the integrity of the American Family that lives here. Therefore, let's all take a pledge this Memorial Day to henceforth demonstrate to those who risk themselves to protect all us, that we are indeed worthy of their protection. {jgquote} The highest respect we can pay America's war dead and veterans is to improve what they were asked to create and protect, and the integrity of the American Family that lives within. {/jgquote} Let's get our American House in order. Let's protect it while they're gone. Let's stop acting like a bunch of ninnies and refocus on making America great. America is the bright spot of the world, a country based on principals and vision. Let's thwart those who diminish it, stand up to those who belittle it, stop the creeping erosion. It's common knowledge that we live in an imperfect corporeal world. It is in the nature of the world for things not to go perfectly. Heaven comes later. But while here, we must each answer the call of excellence and do the best we each can. And in this world, America is be best thing going. And as always, many forces would like to see America gone. Old competitors are regaining, and new competitors are rising fast. It's time to get serous at home about what we are doing. Now is our time.  Now.  Not tomorrow. Now. We civilians need to make ourselves more worthy of the price our neighbors paid and are paying to protect us us. Show them we are worth it.  That we will take the opportunity they give us and make something yet grander of it. They fight, suffer and give life and limb to build and protect this American Family. Let's show our worth by protecting this American Family and thinking less for ourselves, and thinking more for our Country. Join us and help us do so.

AR Middleweight World Champ Jermain Taylor joins SOT

GoldStarSupport Our Troops, Inc. Announces the Addition of Arkansas Middleweight World Champion Jermain Taylor to the Heroes Board of Support Our Troops®
Greenbrier, AR August, 9, 2006: Support Our Troops, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Arkansas Middleweight World Champion Jermain Taylor to the Heroes Board of Support Our Troops.

Born in Arkansas on August 11, 1978, Jermain Taylor worked his way up the ladder from poverty to becoming a world champion boxer. Known as Jermain "Bad Intentions" Taylor in the world of boxing, outside of a fight, he is anything but bad. Taylor exemplifies true American valuesa hard work ethic, a down-to-earth personality, honesty, and of course, talentto the watching world. He is a role model anyone could be proud to look up too. When asked to join the Heroes Board, Taylor enthusiastically agreed. "I am proud to be associated with an effort to help the families of the soldiers who defend our freedoms," Taylor said. Arkansas Support Our Troops is excited about Taylor's support. "Jermain is a wonderful human being, as well as a talented athlete; and his involvement will be a strong asset to Support Our Troops," said Marvin Parks, Arkansas State Coordinator of Support Our Troops, Inc. Support Our Troops, Inc. is a nationwide nonprofit public purpose charitable organization provides a permanent private vehicle through which citizens can directly help preserve the integrity of the families of the troops protecting all of us post September 11, 2001. Sales of the Support Our Troops plate will allow people to publicly state their support for their troops, and provide a means of raising patriotic private money to bolster the troops and families who are sacrificing to protect all of us. Funds from the Arkansas Support Our Troops license plate and other activities of SOT will help keep the troops families intact while their parent(s) are engaged in protecting our families, whether it is a peacekeeping mission, a war, or a hurricane, flood, or other disaster. It is going to help pay for education, medical, home needs, emergency transportation, and the like -- the kinds of things that dad or mom could do if they were home. The Support Our Troops license plate has been approved and Arkansans will be able to purchase the plate later this fall. "We are excited about the interest Support Our Troops®is generating in Arkansas," said Marvin Parks, "and we are proud to have Jermain Taylor as a part of our organization." For more information on how you can help our troops, or to learn more about Support Our Troops, please visit our website at

Orlando Magic Soldier Night


orlandomagicIntroducing the Support Our Troops® Custom Harley-Davidson® Chopper Raffle to benefit the troops and their families.
Support Our Troops Custom Harley-Davidson Chopper Daytona Beach, FL, March 23, 2006: Bruce Rossmeyer, CEO of Daytona Harley-Davidson, Inc. and Martin Boire, Chairman of Support Our Troops, Inc. announced that they are participating in the Orlando Magic Seats for Soldiers night game on March 31, 2006.
thumb_orlando-magic-harleyThe bike was donated by Bruce to go on tour at the top ten bike rally locations in the US to raise money for the active duty troops and their families. Raffle tickets for the bike are $10 and are available online at and at Destination Daytona. The bike will be shown at the Orlando Magic game and tickets will be sold on site at TD Waterhouse Center during Seats for Soldiers night. Visit for more information and media downloads. Please call SOT to schedule interviews with either Bruce Rossmeyer or Martin Boire and with any other media related questions. For Release 9 a.m. EDT, March 23, 2006

Bike Week Commencement, Destination Daytona, 3-3-2006

sot-logo-200pxLet's Support Them!

Remarks by Martin Boire at Press Conference at Commencement of Bike Week Celebration at Destination Daytona, March 3, 2006.


Brief summary of Support Our Troops.

About 93% of Americans are civilians, and created by civilians, Support Our Troops® is a nationwide 501(c)3 public benefit charity focused on the troops and their families, who sacrifice to protect everyone watching this event today. The point is simple: they support us let's support them! floridaplate-1To do this we do two things. First, help provide ways that people can show their support for their amazing troops. Second, raise money to really support the troops. One major way to accomplish this is by our putting official DMV-issued Support Our Troops motor vehicle license plates on the road across America.

Comments on the custom chopper.

Another major way is by the grace of Mr. Bruce Rossmeyer in producing the 2006 Support Our Troops Custom Harley Chopper to raffle across American for the benefit of America's troops and their families. Both of these activities enable people to show moral support. Both produce real financial support. The 2006 Support Our Troops Custom Harley Chopper will tour the top ten bike rallies across America during this year, with the drawing at the end of Biketoberfest® in October. $10 Raffle tickets are available online at, and at all of the events where the Support Our Troops® Chopper appears.

Comments on Mr. Rossmeyer's position with Support Our Troops.

But Mr. Rossmeyer did not stop there. In order to help plan even more things to benefit our troops and their families, he accepted our request to serve on the Advisory Board of Support Our Troops alongside such major American figures as the honorable and revered Sonny Montgomery, author of the most famous and appreciated Montgomery G.I. Bill. And if that were not enough Mr. Rossmeyer then agreed that the Official Gear Company, which is the official licensee of Support Our Troops biker line apparel at bike week events, could also stock the Support Our Troops product line in all of his main dealerships year round!

Introduction of Mr. Rossmeyer.

Therefore it is with the greatest appreciation and respect that I introduce the man who made this great Destination Daytona complex happen, and who, recognizing that such things are possible only because of the safe environment created by America's brave troops, has in turn made great things happen for the troops which otherwise would not have happened. I give you "Mr. Harley-Davidson" --- Bruce Rossmeyer.

Support Our Troops® Apparel line

SOT-apparrelSupport Our Troops® Biker Apparel Line Licensed by The Official Gear Company

Introducing the Support Our Troops® biker clothing and merchandise line to benefit the troops and their families.

Daytona Beach, FL, March 1, 2006: Martin Boire, Chairman of Support Our Troops, Inc. announced today that the Official Gear Company will be an official licensee of Support Our Troops biker apparel and merchandise. During bike week 2006 in Daytona Beach, Florida, Official Gear Company launched the first of a series of t-shirts, pins, patches and various other SOT® merchandise that will be featured at bike events and retail outlets to benefit the troops and their families. [caption id="attachment_4976" align="alignleft" width="142"]Support_Our_Troops Visit the SOT Store or XMagnet.Com[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4975" align="alignleft" width="142"]SOT-apparrel Support Our Troops® Apparel line[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4977" align="alignleft" width="142"]brianholt Brian Holt, President Official Gear Company[/caption] Brian Holt has been in the merchandise and distribution industry for 21 years and is excited to be a part of SOT, stating "It's an honor to be involved with such a fine organization benefiting the families of the troops." Official Gear Company's client list includes Harley-Davidson, Hollywood Choppers, Cracker Barrel, Publix, Hard Rock and many more fine retail outlets. Brian Holt is acting Director of Merchandising Accounts for SOT and can be contacted directly concerning merchandising or event distribution efforts with respect to the sale of SoT merchandise. OFFICIAL GEAR COMPANY 1297 OCEAN SHORE DR # 4 ORMOND BEACH FLA 32176 EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. TEL 407-721-9110 Visit for more information and media downloads. Please call SOT to schedule interviews with either Martin Boire or Brian Holt and with any other media related questions. For Release 9 a.m. EDT, March 1, 2006

Support Our Troops, Inc® Announces Harley-Davidson's Bruce Rossmeyer

Support_Our_TroopsSupport Our Troops, Inc., announces the newest member of its Heroes Board,  Harley-Davidson® legend and Sturgis Hall of Fame member, Bruce Rossmeyer. Daytona Beach, FL, January 31, 2006: Founded by civilian and retired Florida attorney Martin Boire, Support Our Troops, Inc® (SOT®) is a nationwide charity based in Daytona Beach, on a mission to bolster the families of our brothers and sisters who are out there daily, working to protect all of the rest of us. SOT is doing this through the sale of DMV-issued official Support Our Troops specialty license plates in each state, clothing, the sale of various merchandise (stickers, pins, flags, and ribbons etc.) both online and at retail venues across the United States and most recently, through the cool and less conventional sale of raffle tickets for the Support Our Troops Custom Harley-Chopper Raffle. Funds from these activities will help keep the troops' families intact while their parent(s) are engaged in protecting our families, whether it is a peacekeeping mission, a war, or a hurricane, flood, or other disaster. It is going to help pay for education, medical, home needs, emergency transportation, and the like -- the kinds of things that dad or mom could do if they were home. Since Support Our Troops is destined to quickly become a major and permanent national charity, it has established the Heroes Board, which is quickly growing to comprise many of a number America's finest. [caption id="attachment_4981" align="alignright" width="325"]BruceRossmeyer Bruce Rossmeyer ‚¬" Daytona Harley-Davidson CEO, President[/caption] Harley-Davidson® legend and Sturgis Hall of Fame's, Bruce Rossmeyer is now one of them. Bruce Rossmeyer got his start in the automobile industry in the late sixties in New Jersey and later moved to Daytona Beach and opened his first Harley-Davidson dealership in 1994. Bruce now has over 13 different dealerships in the United States and has achieved the coveted Gold Bar and Shield from Harley-Davidson Motor Co. This honor is awarded only to the top 25 dealerships in the United States and Daytona Harley-Davidson was ranked third among the elite 25 in 2001. Bruce could easily be described as the "Big Man with the Huge Heart." as quoted from the Sturgis hall of fame web site,
"The motorcycling industry knows Bruce as a phenomenal businessman who started his first Harley-Davidson® dealership in 1994, growing it into multiple dealerships with annual sales exceeding $140 million. What's even more important is what motorcyclists, kids and the citizens of Florida think about Bruce, who, in spite of the overwhelming task of operating a huge business, always makes time to help kids and families in need."
Support Our Troops chairman, Martin C. Boire, in January presented Bruce the opportunity to join with the Honorable Sonny Montgomery, author of the Montgomery G.I. Bill, as one of the first members giving service on the Heroes Board. Bruce readily accepted, and following up by agreeing to help build the first Support Our Troops Custom Harley Chopper. [caption id="attachment_4982" align="alignright" width="208"]MartinBoire Martin Boire Chairman, Founder of Support Our Troops, Inc.[/caption] The Support Our Troops Custom Harley-Chopper will generate publicity for the charity in a cool way by touring the United States during 2006 at 10 different motorcycle rally locations across the country, and through raffle tickets will raise money for the work of Support Our Troops, Inc. on behalf of the families of the troops. The chopper is scheduled to be unveiled at Bruce Rossmeyer's Destination Daytona® during Bike Week this March. Destination Daytona is Rossmeyer's 150 acre complex is home of the world's largest Harley-Davidson® dealership, J&P Cycles, a 100 room condo hotel, Saints & Sinners Pub, two night clubs, and several unique shops and restaurants. "We are excited at this partnership says SOT Chairman Martin C. Boire, "not only do we have the honor of having Bruce on our advisory board, we also get to be a part of something new in Daytona in a big way. Bruce has extended the opportunity to show his support also by becoming a licensee of the SOT apparel line through Biker Design Company. Now visitors to Destination Daytona and any of Bruce's 13 Harley-Davidson locations can purchase official Support Our Troops® apparel and accessories at any of his locations and know that a portion of their purchase is going to bolster the troops and their families." Every successful great project has mentors who provide invaluable guidance, have charted similar courses before. These mentors are the people who are able to make good things happen quickly. These keystone individuals are those who provide wise advice, build bridges, locate funding, make connections and open doors to make great things happen for good causes. The Heroes Board comprises just such magnanimous individuals. Since Bruce Rossmeyer is involved in a number of community and charitable organizations his input will be valuable to the future success of SOT as it relates to both families and the biker community.  He serves on the boards of directors of the Boggy Creek Gang Camp and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Broward County and he is also involved with the Fort Lauderdale Toys in the Sun Run, an annual event benefiting the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. Martin Boire summarizes Support Our Troops, Inc. as follows: "We are focused on families, on kids, on spouses, on their futures. We are positive, forthright, energetic, and deliberate in our belief that an enemy may compel a soldier to leave his family, but they will not steal his family's future." He continues, "if I were in the military defending everyone's freedom it would be nice to know that if something were to happen to me my friends and neighbors would be able to ban together and step in and help my family. I am honored to announce the newest addition to the Heroes Board because Bruce Rossmeyer holds this same vision for America's troops and their families."

* Service members, please provide a non .mil address. Thank you.