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Afghanistan, December 26, 2014 - Dear Supporters, On December 24th we received your care packages full of personal hygiene items, coffee, candies, Underarmour shirts and iPads! What fantastic gifts just hours before Christmas day. The Christmas morning was celebrated with an 8 mile Jingle Bell Ruck in honor of our fallen heroes, SFC Mike Cathcart and SSG Matt Ammerman. We had 25 participants and everyone received an Under Armour T-shirt that you sent over. Each one of the Soldiers plays a special role in our mission either as a Support Soldier, or as a Special Forces Soldiers. All were extremely grateful to rummage through the care packages and to receive a T-shirt! (I also gave one to the Commander, XO and CSM of our unit!)


SGT Carlos ----- was chosen to receive the first iPad on Christmas day. SGT [Carlos] is from Puerto Rico and is on his first deployment, separated from his wife and 2 y/o son. Although our little compound has wi-fi, SGT [Carlos] has no mobile device to contact his family. Upon unwrapping the iPad as a Christmas gifts, he was in shock! The picture is worth 1,000 words. You made it possible for SGT [Carlos] to stay in contact with his family at Ft. Bragg! Prior to our Christmas Service at Lilley Chapel, we made fresh-brewed coffee from what you sent over, and it was a big hit. There are 12 other outposts (Camps) that I travel to, bringing support and morale to the entire unit of over 700 personnel. The outposts mainly consist of our Special Forces teams and a support team. I can’t express how well your items are received and appreciated! As I travel to the 12 camps over the next six weeks I will seek to identify others like SGT [Carlos]. Your generous contribution and support of our Soldiers has a lasting impact. Thank you! BRIAN -------- CPT, SF SOTF-A Chaplain