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He wants the military dog for therapeutic support

We received a compelling request recently, from a young soldier stationed in the Middle East. SPC Scott -- is originally from the National Guard in New Hampshire.  He's currently a part of the Headquarters Battery (HHB) of the 3rd Battalion, 197th Field Artillery Regiment.

Insignia for the 197th Field Artillery Regiment.Insignia for the 197th Field Artillery Regiment.SPC Scott -- works as a chaplain assistant, and as such, comes into contact with military soldiers who've felt the effects of their jobs firsthand. They come to him stressed and worn out. He has over 400 soldiers in his care. Scott wrote us and told us he's in the process of getting a military dog to help his fellow soldiers dealing with PTSD. The problem, he said, is that his unit doesn't regularly care for dogs. He asked us if we could help find him supplies for the animal.


 He writes: I currently do not have any of the basic equipment needed to support a dog in these harsh desert conditions and am reaching out to see if you (or another organization you may know of) may be willing assist me in getting the appropriate gear/tools necessary to support this dog to the best of our ability so that he can do his best to help support my Soldiers in need.U.S. Military dogU.S. Military dog

Scott said he understands that this might be a difficult request, but he wants anyone with support or knowledge on the issue to please reach out to him and his men. Can you help? Please contact us and let us know.

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