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OCONUS - July 27, 2021- Hello ALL, I cannot put into words how much your organization boosted the morale of my team at an austere location. We are at a place where we are short on normal food supply and try not to eat loads of MREs. The contents of care package boxes were just amazing! From the protein shakes to the Met-Rx bars, then the jerky and all the canned goods. Those Mountain House meals sustained this team for months! It is so comforting to receive handwritten notes, letters and artwork. Many of them still hang around in rooms and common areas. Those custom touches really help us feel the support of great Americans like you. You have made life easier, happier and much more nutritious and flavorful! Thank you so so much for all that you’ve done to support us and many other Troops abroad! I appreciate what you do. I can’t explain the immense pride and joy it brings when we have your support.
~~Austin, US Army, DUSTOFF Team

Army DUSTOFF oconus 2021 care packages 2 support our troops org

Who We Are & What We Do

Who are we? We are you -- the individual Americans who want to do good things for their troops. Without you we are an empty vessel. With you we are full of good works and good will for the complete military unit: the soldier, the spouse, the children.
SupportOurTroops.Org is a 501(c)(3) public purpose organization through which Americans strengthen the morale and well-being of their current military service members and their families. Support Our Troops, Inc. provides millions of dollars’ worth of goods and services that range from large scale enterprise-level container shipments to bases and battalions, down to individual soldier support. Support Our Troops® -- providing morale and well-being to the troops and families worldwide.