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Somewhere overseas, right now, a lonely servicemember dreams of home, holiday traditions, old friends and, most dearly, family. Since February, the U.S. Military has deployed over 20,000 additional forces to Europe in response to the Ukraine crisis. That means over 100,000 American Army, Air Force, Naval, and Marine Forces are standing ready to defend democracy and freedom from the world’s tyrants.

These deployed servicemembers are far from home and the familiar, alone at the end of each day, no hugs from a loved one, and no peaceful sleep.

Now is the time Americans show the troops how much we care!

This is a national call to all good Americans to show their love and support for our deployed troops this holiday season by joining Support Our Troops' efforts to ship Thanksgiving and Christmas Care Packages to our troops overseas, and maybe a little piece of home. Please help us send a little bit comfort their way to boost their spirits and lift their hearts during the holidays.

Here's what you can do…

2022 Christmas Care PackagesDo YOU want to make a difference in the life of a deployed servicemember this Christmas? It’s simple!

If you would like to provide items for future care boxes or donate to help pay to ship the goods, you can find everything you need to know posted on SupportOurTroops.Org.

Listen to the Troops, in their own words…

We are a Special Forces Area Operations Base (AOB) currently deployed in Poland. I am reaching out to see if there is any way to receive care packages from your organization. We will be here through Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I would like to get my soldiers a little something extra to keep their spirits high. Any donations/ help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and God bless."
~ Cody [ ]"

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you so very much for the packages we received. We want you to know how appreciative we are for all that was sent to us. It is a hard road for us over here especially during the holiday season. Being away from our families is really tough but with the care boxes it made everyone feel like getting into the holiday spirit. From our military family here to yours at home, we would like to extend our heartfelt "Thank You" for all of your support. We will always have a place in our heart for you. Thank you."
~~ Major Earnest

More You Can Do…

“During 2021 SupportOurTroops.Org has supplied over $40 million in support to America’s active-duty troops worldwide with less than 5% overhead,” said Martin C. Boire, CEO of nonprofit Support Our Troops®. We are shipping to service members stationed in Jordan, Africa, Iraq, South Korea, Japan, Bosnia, Qatar, Kuwait, Guam to name a few.

“We are asking everyone to help us spread the word to send care packages to the troops for the holidays", Mr. Boire continued. “Tell a friend. Forward this request to all your local media. Call in to a talk show. Post it at work, at church, at clubs. This is America! We can do anything we put our minds to.”

I was one of those lonely soldiers 40 years ago,” said Staffer Jim Spearing. SSG (RET), “You can’t imagine the emotional impact such a gift package is for young troops serving far from home. Now with Support Our Troops, I am continually amazed at the generosity of my fellow Americans. Keep it up. It shows the troops your care.

It’s a gesture that means more than you know. So come on.
Let’s get to it!