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Care packages support our troops

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Message: Four HSC-26 AO’s are currently deployed. We all know it’s not easy leaving family behind but when work calls we have to get the job down. With leaving behind family comes with mixed emotions but there is no better feeling than receiving a care package while out to sea.

Get them what they need

E-mail: megan [ ]@army.milMessage: Part of my 150 person unit is stationed in Estonia right now and we have very limited supplies to get to the Soldiers. We are in a more hazardous area that is roughly just being built up still, very rural and unable to receive some necessities to make life here a little better and raise moral.Special Needs: tobacco, energy drink, laundry detergent, candy, warm clothes socks, hand warmers, food

E-mail: L [ ]@army.milMessage: Without people at home supporting deployed soldiers, the mission would not be accomplished. Me and my fellow soldiers will be so thankful for y'all and what you do.Special Needs: Snacks!

Get them what they need

E-mail: d[ ] Receiving a care package from home is a true morale booster. It's a tangible connection to loved ones and a reminder of the life waiting back home. Even simple things like snacks, magazines, or personal notes can make a big difference out here. It's a touch of normality in an often challenging environment. 12 soldiers here.Special Needs: Pens, dry erase markers, permanent markers

E-mail: N[ ]@[ ] mail.milMessage: We are stationed at a forward aid station and would like these things to help us take care of our 30 man unit that we are supporting anything helps.Special Needs: Protein, socks, foot and body powder, over the counter medication, baby wipes, hygiene items, deodorant, snacks like trail

Get them what they need