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bryantx-jayceecarepacks2Bryan / College Station Jaycees "Operation Cheap Date"- Bryan Texas - July 26, 2008; Under a blazing hot Texas sun, the Bryan / College Station Jaycees were sweating for a good cause on Saturday, July 26th.  The Jaycees are a cooperating partner of SupportOurTroops.Org. The project dubbed "Operation Cheap Date" awarded a prize of a free appetizer or dessert to local restaurants for a donation of 5 separate items from the list of supplies for the troops or a $25 monetary donation.  Items donated included single serve powdered drink mixes, snacks, wet wipes, toiletries, hard candy DVD's, magazines, and much more.     bryantx-jayceecarepacks3The Bryan / College Station Jaycees received community support from a local radio station, Candy 95.  The Candy 95 DJ's were on site talking about the Jaycees all afternoon on air and encouraging the community to help support our troops.  The local Newspaper, The Bryan Eagle also supported Operation Cheap Date by printing an article on Friday asking the community to support the Jaycees by donating supplies for the troops.     bryantx-jayceecarepacks1Operation Cheap Date was a very successful project and allowed our community to be involved in supporting the troops.  The Bryan / College Station Jaycees raised $310 in donations and collected 49 boxes of supplies to ship overseas.  The Bryan Eagle reported that the community would and could do better than the original goal of 15 boxes of supplies.  The Bryan / College Station community delivered results! Thank you to the Bryan / College Station community and thank you to our troops serving our country overseas!  We miss you all and hope you come home soon. Written by Carla Townson SupportOurTroops.Org thanks the Jaycees, one of our cooperating partners, for doing such a wonderful thing for the troops!