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4th of July Hello from Afghanistan!

july 4th 2019 hello from afghanistan

Dear Fellow Great Americans, 

We want to thank you!

Your love and support and the generosity you have shown in sending packages and letters to our Soldiers and is very warmly received! As you can imagine, we are fairly busy doing what our great nation has asked of us, but I wanted to take time to make sure you know that Americans’ support doesn’t go without our distinct gratitude.

A little about me, I am William [ ], a 3[ ] year old married father of beautiful daughters, avid outdoorsman, Steelers fan, and 2[ ] year veteran of our great Army. I am currently serving as the Command Sergeant Major for the [ ] Battalion deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operations Freedom’s Sentinel and Resolute Support.

Americans are supporting our nearly [ ]00 Soldiers across four different locations in centra and northern Afghanistan and the support has been tremendous! Our team is doing very well here and staying safe while conducting our missions. We provide rotary-wing aviation support to ground force commanders all over this beautiful and burgeoning country. Our job here is to support the strengthening of the governance and increased security of this war-torn region.

Afghanistan, with its rugged mountains and treacherous terrain, depends greatly upon air movement.
The stories Americans share in their cards and letters, the treats and supplies they send, and the appreciation they show fills our hearts.

Again, THANK YOU! We are so proud to serve you and our great country and selfless patriots like yourself make our time away from homes and families much more bearable!

Warm regards,
CSM William [ ]

july 4th 2019 hello from afghanistan

SOT editors note:

This soldier’s letter reminded us that the 4 th of July celebrates the freedom gained for Americans by their troops. In fact, the borders of America are inked with their blood, and the red in the American flag stands for the sacrifices they and their families make to secure and protect our borders. So while ninny politicians posture, pretend, and let people walk all over the borders which they on the other hand ask our troops to risk life and limb defending, we celebrate this 4 th of July by letting you know via this soldier’s letter what good Americans have done for their troops deployed to protect everyone at home. All can take heart that many thousands of like-minded real Americans across our great nation are doing everything in their power to look out for our troops the way they look out for all of us, treat their efforts with reality and the respect of keeping in proper order the national house they are asked to protect, and push as much good-will their way as humanly possible.
And like this soldier’s letter shows, it makes a world of difference to them.


* Service members, please provide a non .mil address. Thank you.