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P23705-31.jpgA veteran is a one of our neighbors who had what it took to step in between us and the bad guys. And these days a veteran may yet be doing that, having returned to active duty aboard to project our families here at home. My fellow men should know that nowadays there are women out there carrying guns and flying aircraft to look out for us men and our families here at home. Which brings up the question.
What should we do for them? And to everyone with a legitimate value system, the moral covenant is obvious: you stick up for the folks who stick up for you. The enemy may compel a parent to leave their family, but the enemy will not steal the family's future. For the veterans that means making sure they are provided with what they were promised in exchange for risking limb and life to protect our families. For the active duty that means looking out for them and their families in the thousands of different ways that it is necessary to do so. In both cases it means letting them know that you know about them and appreciate them. If you're sheepish about walking up and saying "thanks" to a vet or soldier, we can tell you two private ways you can make your feelings known. Write a letter to the editor (and follow up to make sure they print it). Send an email of thanks to the troops using the tool under the "What We Do" menu on this site. The point is this. It is individuals who step up to protect this nation, and it is we individuals who must step up for them. God Bless and keep safe all those who have or do serve on our behalves. May the Lord make his face shine upon them and grant them peace.