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Huge Biofreeze Hits Florida Guard and Reserve! support our troops org

May 2021 - Guard and Reserve servicemembers in Florida scored 14 pallets of Biofreeze® Pain Relief Muscle Balm 3 oz gel tubes. That’s $553,476 worth.  23,000 individual units to pull from as needed!

SupportOurTroops.Org delivered them to HQs 53RD BDE SPT BN, 2-116th Field Artillery (FA), 1-124th Infantry Battalion (INF), 753d Brigade Engineer Battalion (BEB), 53D Brigade, 2-124th Infantry Battalion (INF), 1-153rd Cavalry Squadron (CAV).

The makers of Biofreeze donated this product to Support Our Troops, Inc. in appreciation for what America’s active duty, reserve, deployed, and stationed military servicemembers do every day to keep our families safe every day. SOT handled all of the necessaries, logistics and paid the freight to deliver it to you. It’s a team effort.

 When it comes to protecting our nation and families, we’re all in it together. On behalf of America’s servicemembers and their families - thank you Biofreeze!

Shipping is expensive! You can help make more goods things like this happen by donating here.

From the Donor-Manufacturer

Biofreeze® is Alternate Pain Management - Your First Line of Defense Against Musculoskeletal Pain. With the rising abuse of opioids as well as the risks and side effects of pain medication, many people are searching for non-pharmacological solutions to address their acute and chronic pain.

Doctors, therapists and patients are shifting toward topical analgesics like Biofreeze® and away from systemic pain relievers. Prescription medication may be needed for some; but, for those with musculoskeletal pain, non-prescription pain relief approaches can be a critical first step

Biofreeze gives temporary relief from minor aches and pains of sore muscles and joints associated with: Back, shoulder and neck pain; Tendonitis; Painful ankle, knee, hip and elbow joints; Muscular strains; Bruising