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The Russian dictator had such big legacy plans.  First, he would charge into defenseless Ukraine, sweeping aside its puny army, and capture the Capital in a matter of days.

Poor Vladmir.  The Russian dictator had such big legacy plans.  First, he would charge into defenseless Ukraine, sweeping aside its puny army, and capture the Capital in a matter of days.  Second, he thought he could divide NATO and intimidate other nations into not joining the alliance.   Then he would move on to absorb other east European countries into his resurrected old Soviet-style block, all part of his recent compact of territorial expansion with China.

It isn’t working out that way.  It turns out the world’s pesky individuals do so dearly love their freedom and sovereignty.

Instead, it is the Russian Army that appears puny, losing over ONE-THIRD of its soldiers since the invasion began according to British Intelligence.  It appears the Russians are retreating after suffering grievous casualties, losing hundreds of tanks, and dozens of aircraft.

As for intimidating countries from joining NATO, the political results have been equally devastating.  Neutral Sweden and Norway have announced their intention to apply for membership in NATO, bringing another set of countries into the alliance directly on Russia’s northern border while shrugging off Putin’s threats.

The Russians are learning a hard lesson about bullying.  While they may look and sound tough, they are finding a free people will not be cowed into submission and their elaborate plans are likely to backfire.  China, are you listening?

Make Their Day

America has moved a great many soldiers into the NATO member countries as our part of the bulwark against Russian attacks elsewhere.   Rumors are afoot of an approaching coup within Russia, and questions regarding Putin’s health remain unanswered. Despite this, China remains undeterred in its plans to dominate the entire Indo-Pacific region.  What this means for America is increasing deployments of our valiant service members, and the frequency of their rotations.  To meet these challenges, Support Our, with YOUR charitable donations, must provide a rugged, dependable delivery of services to our service members deployed worldwide.  Just as yellow ribbons signify support for our active-duty military, your giving to fund SOT’s operations demonstrate that belief in them that is so vital to esprit de corps.

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