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The Valiant v. the Vile

The images are disturbing. Brave Ukrainian soldiers, sad but defiant, are loaded onto busses after surrendering to Russian forces after the months-long siege at Mariupol. Many are grievously wounded, starving, and traumatized by their ordeal.

The Russian Army accepting their surrender is guilty of numerous war crimes including deliberate attacks on innocent civilians, mass murder, executing prisoners, and bombing schools and hospitals, The Russians say they have 1,730 soldiers in custody and given their barbaric  behavior, the world can only ask; “How will these courageous souls be treated by their captors?”

In the first of a new series of topical essays, Support Our Troops will publish a first-hand account of America’s Enemy Prisoner of War operations during Desert Storm in the 1990-91 Gulf War.  Jim Spearing, our resident wordsmith and Army veteran, served as a POW liaison to the Saudi Army and  offers insights into the psychological, tactical, and moral reasons we treat enemy soldiers and civilians properly while in our care.
“I am proud to be a member of the Support Our Troops team and grateful to share our experiences in the first Gulf War. Our troops behaved honorably, professionally, and morally during this very difficult situation. This is in stark contrast to the immoral conduct of Russian forces in Ukraine.”

Support Our continues our series on unique military occupations with a look at folks who defuse bombs for a living, a huge navy drug interdiction, surviving Sea Trials and a glimpse at the very lethal Marine Force Recon.

As you enjoy these shorts, please keep in mind the everyday sacrifices these deployed servicemembers make for our nation. You can show your gratitude by donating to Support Our, a charity dedicated to troop support for active-duty military.

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