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Easter2010GroupEaster is a message of love for others, and of sacrifice for others. And around this world our troops sacrifice daily for the betterment of others. They risk their lives and health to set others free. They risk them to protect children. They risk them for other men. They risk them for other women. They risk them for their fellows. They risk them to build free nations for others. To build schools for kids. To protect woman and children from oppressors. To build people up. They do great and wonderful Good at risk to themselves. thumb_EasterGWStampAnd they ask nothing in return
It is often said that only two people have ever offered to die for us.  Jesus Christ and the  American Soldier.  One for your soul,  one for your freedom.
And therefore I give this Easter prayer for the young men and mature men, and the young women and mature women, who risk themselves daily for me and for you and for others. May He watch over you. May He guide you and keep you safe. May He comfort your soul and give you peace from the things you see. May His love, kindness and mercy follow you each day in each step. May He favor you over those who risk little yet expect much. May He walk with you and protect you by his presence. May He bless you, wrap you in his presence, and show you the way. May He make his face to shine upon you in your times of need. May He grant you peace from the storms within all the days of your life. Martin C. Boire Easter, 2010