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“Where water is, Sailors will go.
 Admiral Horacio Rivero, USN

Naval Base Guam (November 2, 2020): In this photo by Lance Corporal Brienna Tuck, command and staff of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit ride on a rigid hull inflatable boat from the amphibious assault ship USS America to receive a tour of the Mark VI patrol boat. The Mark VI is one of a long line of shallow water patrol craft used by the Navy for drug interdiction and force protection around the world.

Naval Base Guam (November 2, 2020): In 1968, American forces in Vietnam were confronted with an indigenous guerrilla force that blended into and enjoyed the support of  the local population. Of particular concern was Viet Cong activity in the vast Mekong Delta, a hot, humid,  low-lying area filled with a maze of waterways that acted as interstate highways for the enemy. Taken together, the Mekong Delta was an extraordinary riverine challenge for the Americans.

The U.S. Navy responded with the largest riverine force since World War II involving hundreds of patrol boats plying the canals and lagoons of the Delta in search of the thousands of Viet Cong guerrillas. The Delta comprised about one fourth of the land mass in Vietnam and was home to over 4 million Vietnamese. Until the Delta was secured, little progress could be made on land.

The goal for riverine forces then, as now, was to control river traffic and to interdict weapons and enemy supplies before they could reach their Viet Cong. This meant around the clock patrols and sudden, violent encounters with the enemy.  Always a close-up affair,  Riverine crews shot it out with the enemy at point blank range only feet from shore.  The Sailors and Marines who braved these waters were daring and showed a lot of courage.

In the above photo, U.S. Marines test the capabilities of the Mark VI patrol boat, the Navy’s newest iteration of shallow draft vessels designed to patrol waterways like the Mekong.  Heavily armored, these boats carry a crew of up to 14 sailors and are armed with .50 caliber machine guns and rocket launchers.  The craft are ideal for riverine squadrons protecting domestic and foreign ports.

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