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04 Army Ghost X Unmanned Aircraft System Anduril Industries autonomous flight Support Our Troops

Fort Irwin, California. (March 29, 2024): The Russian invaders in Ukraine have found themselves on the business end of an American-made nightmare… the “Ghost” drone. In this photo by Staff Sergeant LaShic Patterson, Staff Sergeant Stetson Manuel, a Robotics and Autonomous Systems platoon sergeant and infantryman assigned to Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 29th Infantry Regiment, 316th Cavalry Brigade, assembles the Ghost-X Unmanned Aircraft System during the human machine integration experiment. The Ghost Drone made its combat debut on the battlefields of Ukraine where its nearly silent flight and deadly payloads have terrified Russian troops.

The Army is evaluating upgrades to the unmanned aircraft system developed by Anduril Industries. The Ghost-X represents the latest advancement in autonomous vehicles designed for reconnaissance, perimeter security, and force protection missions.

Ghost-X stands out for its portability and ease of deployment across various operational environments. Engineered for expeditionary use, the system can be compacted into a slim rifle case or a tactical soft case, enabling a single operator to assemble and prepare it for flight in less than two minutes without the need for tools.

These key advances give the Ghost-X greater autonomy through onboard computing and computer vision algorithms that detect, classify, and track objects of interest while intelligently navigating terrain and airspace.

It boasts an impressive endurance of 75 minutes on a single cruise and has a range of 15.5 miles without the need for frequent recharging or refueling. It can carry payloads of up to twenty pounds and the package is easily transportable weighing only fifty-five pounds.

The most striking aspect of the “Ghost” is it’s nearly silent operation. Using this muffling technology, the Ghost can sneak up on enemy soldiers to deliver its deadly payload before they know what hit them.

Anduril’s work with the Ghost drones is part of the Air Force’s AFWERX innovation unit, which aims to help industry develop technologies that can help counter threats worldwide. In the fall of 2022, AFWERX launched a new program called Autonomy Prime to collaborate with defense firms to push autonomous technologies like the Ghost.

America’s adversaries have learned to fear the silent and very deadly Ghost drones that will roam future battlefields.