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2010Performance300pxAugust 15, 2010 " In fiscal year 2010 Support Our Troops® delivered $12,833,818 of support to America's troops and their families, as certified by audited financials just completed. That is $5,306,306 MORE than in fiscal year 2009. Services delivered to the troops in 2010 increased 73% over 2009! And all of it is good-will to the troops from the American people through this Organization. On behalf of the troops and their families, thank you to all the good Americans and Patriotic Partners® who make this possible every day. FY 2010 Overhead at SupportOurTroops.Org was 1.6%. Support Our Troops® is the charity through which we Americans bolster the morale and well-being of our active duty troops and their families by highly effective programs that deliver millions of dollars a year in morale and well-being to the front lines, positive public support at home, kids' camp assistance, and more. We are now active in 49 states. Consistent with our philosophy of personal involvement, Support Our Troops® operates programs that enable each of us to personally take responsibility for our neighbors when we ask them to step up to protect us. All of our programs boost support for the troops and their families in a direct citizen-to-citizen manner. The following are some of the main programs which donations support. There are others as well. At times more emphasis is placed on one program than another. New programs are periodically added Both these and others are presented in greater detail throughout SupportOurTroops.Org.
  1. Operation Popcorn® Program, delivering a welcome taste of home to the troops worldwide.
  2. Care Goods Program & Care-Share Program, shipping morale and well-being to the troops worldwide.
  3. License Plate Program, showing support across America.
  4. Find-A-Group"¢ Program, getting all troop-support groups found.
  5. Seal of Assurance"¢ Program, facilitating more giving to all troop support groups. SupportOurTroops.Org Website, grand central station connecting getting everyone and everything.
  6. Community Forum Program, enabling supportive interaction.
  7. Media Distribution Service Program, getting the word out for troop-support groups. Patriot Ride"¢ Program, a fun way to show support.
  8. Troop Support Promotion Program, getting the message out about supporting America's troops and their families.
  9. Troop Support Apparel and Accessories Program, helping people show off their pride in their troops.
  10. Education Fund Program, will look out for their kids futures while they're deployed to look out for ours.
  11. Troopons® Program, making overseas troops' families dollar go farther.
  12. Fraud Sentry Program, protecting troop-support groups and donors.
The record performance of Support Our Troops® results from successful execution of a sound business plan built upon strong fundamentals and financial acumen. Looking to the future we will continue to build upon those same principles to maximize charitable revenue from existing centers, while leveraging our expertise to identify additional charitable revenue opportunities so that we can do the maximum amount of good for the troops and their families. The stage continues to be set for stable, long term success and service. We are uniquely positioned and enjoy significant visibility and financial stability and growth due to the sound business model we both put in place and steadfastly executed. Continuing this approach will enhance operations and further position SupportOurTroops.Org for exceptional long term service to America's amazing troops and their families. Support Our Troops® -- shipping morale and well-being to the troops worldwide. They Support Us " Let's Support Them!® Would you like to help? Martin C. Boire, Chairman SupportOurTroops.Org