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PrintOnward and upward ! With its charitable registration just completed in the District of Columbia, Support Our Troops, Inc. has completed its "50+1 Footprint" expansion into all 50 states plus the District. To best serve the troops and their families SOT® steadfastly applies prudent business sense in all manner to maximize charitable performance for its intended beneficiaries. A variety of subordinate and affiliate SOT organizations had existed in most states for a good number of years, and administratively it consumed time which could better be applied to the mission. For reduction of paperwork, creation of more time to focus on the organization's mission, and to keep administrative costs down, the Board of Directors of SOT and the Board of Directors of various subordinate affiliated Support Our Troops organizations determined it was best to merge the subordinate organizations into SOT which will then continue forth to do business within the applicable states. In some cases it was simpler to lodge the parent charity in a state and dissolve the subordinate while incorporating the state advisory board in the parent. In all cases the state chapter continued forward under the new organization format. Martin Boire, Chairman of Support Our Troops, described the 50+1 Footprint milestone saying "We do not wish a federal charter from Congress. We are a state-based charity functioning nationwide in all 50 states at the state level, and the District of Columbia. Our 50+1 Footprint will enable us to greatly amplify our service to America's national defense community and their families." SupportOurTroops.Org's most recent years of performance are as follows: ***goodslist*** SOT takes a simple moral approach to troop-support: "A neighbor goes off to protect us and our families. Morally what should we do for him? For her?" Consistent with its philosophy of personal involvement, Support Our Troops® operates programs which enable each American to personally take responsibility for their neighbors who are defending them. All of SOT's programs boost support for the troops and their families in a direct citizen-to-citizen manner. The state-based 50+1 Footprint will facilitate and amplify that very well. SupportOurTroops.Org is the charity through which we Americans bolster the morale and well-being of our active duty troops and their families by our highly effective programs that deliver over $10 million a year in care paks and food treats to the front lines, positive public support at home, kids' camp assistance, and more. They Support Us Let's Support Them!® Bruce Jonas, Vice President of Support Our Troops lists the following practical benefits the 50+1 Footprint now provides for everyone involved:
  1. The organization's local corporate presence in each state and the District now begins with our trade name "Support Our Troops."
  2. We are now very easy to find.
  3. SOT is now better indexed in public records which helps in a variety of manner.
  4. Name recognition is increased.
  5. Local accessibility is increased.
  6. The speed and ease with which people can find and interact with the organization are enhanced.
  7. The full performance numbers from the organization's Form 990 will appear in each state.
  8. All of the above will increase the enthusiasm of people and companies to participate when they encounter us.
  9. All of the above will increase the organization's ability to fulfill its mission.
Trustworthiness and dependability remain the SOT signature. This organization was deliberately designed as a public purpose charity registered at the state level, in order to subject SOT to oversight as a group organization by Attorney's General or other state agencies in charge of charity regulation in most every state, and provide hands-on local access and usability for people in each city and state. SOT holds to a strict donor privacy policy. SOT holds to a strict beneficiary privacy policy. State chapters and boards are growing and becoming increasingly active in bolstering the troops and their families with direct local input and interaction. The issuance of each state Support Our Troops! motor vehicle license plate involves an examination of this organization by the state legislature or a state agency. The maintenance of these plates involves repeated state-level participation, examination and reporting. Because SOT handles state license plate revenue in some cases, and in some states is even required to collect motor vehicle license plate revenue for the state and remit it to them, it is likely the most heavily monitored and safest troop-support charity in America. The majority of the administration is handled through a central office to keep overhead down and maximize the benefits. California has been kept as a standalone affiliated organization under the name Support Our Troops - California Chapter, Inc. Texas and Georgia for various reasons have both the parent charity and an affiliated organization (Support Our Troops - Georgia Chapter Inc., and SupportOurTroops.Org (the d/b/a of Lone Star Support Our Troops, Inc. in Texas). Utah is the only state in which SOT is registered as a corporation in order to do good work for its troops, but is not registered as a charity to solicit donations; this is due to concerns regarding a regulatory structure in which oversight is based on the perception or misperception of one individual, and in the event of a dispute over that person's opinion, a charity's administrative appeal rights are limited to a single individual in an adjacent workspace. The record of growth of Support Our Troops® results from successful execution of a sound business plan built upon strong fundamentals and financial acumen. Looking to the future we will continue to build upon those same principles to maximize charitable revenue from existing centers, while leveraging our expertise to identify additional charitable revenue opportunities so that we can do the maximum amount of good for the troops and their families. The stage continues to be set for stable, long term success and service. We are uniquely positioned and enjoy significant visibility and financial stability and growth due to the sound business model we both put in place and steadfastly executed. Continuing this approach will enhance operations and further position SupportOurTroops.Org for exceptional long term service to America's remarkable troops and their families. Let's all make the troops is proud of us as we are of them! November 28, 2011 The SOT Team