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Classic WWII Photos of Soldiers in Quiet Moments

These five photos show other sides of being a soldier

WW2 Soldier eats dinnerAn unidentified American soldier sits and eats his meal (which includes chicken, mashed potatoes, bread, and pineapple) atop rows of a stockpiled ammunition shells, England, May 1944

When we think about the men and women in foreign lands, sacrificing for our freedom, it's easy to forget that they have quiet moments too. They still need to eat, and sleep, and take care of themselves spiritually. In WW2, it was no different for American soldiers.

Here are some classic photos to remind us of how no matter when or where, U.S. Soldiers need our support. Please consider donating or providing a care package today. Are you a soldier and want to request help? Want to know more about our organization? Contact us!


WW2 soldiersRumor has it: US soldiers of the 791st Ordnance (91st Division) reading a 'rumorboard' in Bologna, Italy, 1945. Source

WaitingDowntime: Preparing for the Invasion, code named Operation "Overlord". Three American soldiers in an APC M3A1, with a 50-caliber machine gun. Early June 1944. Source


EisenhowerLunchtime in Tunisia, With a Familiar Face: U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower breaks for a typical military meal (sometimes heated on a vehicle engine or campfire). Source

Soldiers receive massMass in the forest: Soldiers receive Mass at an undisclosed location. Source















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