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Florida"Our Gift"

Remarks by Martin Boire at Media Announcement by Rep. Alan Hays, Capital Rotunda 4th Floor, announcing Support Our Troops specialty plate in Florida. March 28, 2007, 9:30 a.m.
Good Morning!  A question for you: A neighbor leaves his family to go off and protect your family. Morally what you should do for his family? For her family?Now is the time for all good Floridians to come together for the families of the active-duty troops who sacrifice to protect us. A great charity, conceived by civilians in Florida and across this great nation, has been set forth upon the American landscape, and focused on those who protect all of us. Support Our Troops® This charity is from our families, to their families. They protect ours. We'll protect theirs. America is a Visionary Nation. And Florida is a Visionary State. We look to the future, not the past. While some look ask and Why? We look and say Why Not? And the men and women gathered here are just such people. You and I stand surrounded by great people. People of great vision. And their vision is establishing this year the Support Our Troops! plate in Florida. The Support Our Troops license plate will enable people to show their support for their active duty troops and families, and provide a means of raising patriotic private money to bolster the families of their neighbors who are sacrificing to protect all of us. Education, medical, car repairs, home needs, emergency transportation, -- the basic kinds of things that dad or mom would do if they were home. This is a tall moral obligation looking out for the families of those who are looking out for our families. Over 90% of Americans have never served in the military. I am one of them, representative of the rest. And on behalf of all of those they protect, I am here to thank those who do. Our message: They Support Us Let's Support Them. This is our gift to those who are serving, and to those who yet will serve. Those who preserve our liberties, livelihoods, and businesses -- and have families at home while they do. Thank you Senator Carey Baker and Representative Alan Hays, and God bless our amazing troops and their families.