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id-remarks-3-29-07A Tall Moral Obligation.

Remarks at Bill signing, Governor's office, Boise, Idaho, March 29, 2007. I am Martin Boire, chairman of Support Our Troops® A question: A neighbor leaves his family to go off and protect your family. Morally, what do you think you should for his family? For her family?
The thing is, everyone in this room already knows the answer. Witness your presence here and the nature of this gathering. IdahoThe Support Our Troops license plate This license plate enables people to publicly state support for their troops and families, and to aggregate patriotic private money to bolster the families of their neighbors who are sacrificing to protect all of us. Education, car repairs, medical, home needs, emergencies, and the like -- the kinds of things that dad or mom could do if they were home. The Support Our Troops license plate is our gift to those who are serving, and those yet to serve. Those who preserve our liberties, livelihoods, and businesses --- and have families at home while they do. Our message is simple: They Support Us Let's Support Them! This is a tall moral obligation -- looking out for the families of those who are looking out for ours. Thank you Roy Eiguren for shepherding this plate through the Idaho Legislature. Thank you Sen. Lee Heinrich (R), Rep. Mary Shepherd (D), and Rep. Bob Nanoni (R) for sponsoring the legislation. Truly great civilians. And God Bless all of our amazing troops and their wonderful families.