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GoldStarSupport Our Troops, Inc. Announces the Addition of Arkansas Middleweight World Champion Jermain Taylor to the Heroes Board of Support Our Troops®
Greenbrier, AR August, 9, 2006: Support Our Troops, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Arkansas Middleweight World Champion Jermain Taylor to the Heroes Board of Support Our Troops.

Born in Arkansas on August 11, 1978, Jermain Taylor worked his way up the ladder from poverty to becoming a world champion boxer. Known as Jermain "Bad Intentions" Taylor in the world of boxing, outside of a fight, he is anything but bad. Taylor exemplifies true American valuesa hard work ethic, a down-to-earth personality, honesty, and of course, talentto the watching world. He is a role model anyone could be proud to look up too. When asked to join the Heroes Board, Taylor enthusiastically agreed. "I am proud to be associated with an effort to help the families of the soldiers who defend our freedoms," Taylor said. Arkansas Support Our Troops is excited about Taylor's support. "Jermain is a wonderful human being, as well as a talented athlete; and his involvement will be a strong asset to Support Our Troops," said Marvin Parks, Arkansas State Coordinator of Support Our Troops, Inc. Support Our Troops, Inc. is a nationwide nonprofit public purpose charitable organization provides a permanent private vehicle through which citizens can directly help preserve the integrity of the families of the troops protecting all of us post September 11, 2001. Sales of the Support Our Troops plate will allow people to publicly state their support for their troops, and provide a means of raising patriotic private money to bolster the troops and families who are sacrificing to protect all of us. Funds from the Arkansas Support Our Troops license plate and other activities of SOT will help keep the troops families intact while their parent(s) are engaged in protecting our families, whether it is a peacekeeping mission, a war, or a hurricane, flood, or other disaster. It is going to help pay for education, medical, home needs, emergency transportation, and the like -- the kinds of things that dad or mom could do if they were home. The Support Our Troops license plate has been approved and Arkansans will be able to purchase the plate later this fall. "We are excited about the interest Support Our Troops®is generating in Arkansas," said Marvin Parks, "and we are proud to have Jermain Taylor as a part of our organization." For more information on how you can help our troops, or to learn more about Support Our Troops, please visit our website at