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support our troops veterans day 2012From the 1960s through the present American culture has gradually rebuilt itself around the me generation. Hence the necessity for President Kennedy's admonition to "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." This is totally lost on today's society and most of my fellow citizens. But through it all has continued a bright spot. America's veterans.
The ones who stepped up to protect and defend others. The ones who gave the best years of their lives not living the good life at the mall or raking in the benefits from others, but raising families on meager military salaries in hard circumstances not of their own making, in order to protect others. An example to all. They were always therefore America. Keeping the wolves at bay, pushing the bad guys back when they needed a push. Today our nation is uncertain, the character of many in flux. But a constant through it all is the character of America's veterans, servicemen, and servicewomen. They sign up to do good for others. And when they muster out they are often later found continuing their selfless service to others. They just can't help but do good for others. Their hand is not out, except to help you up. To do good. To build up. To better. To improve. To make. You can be sheepish. You don't even have to be brave enough to offer your hand. But when you're standing in line somewhere and see someone wearing something that shows you they are a veteran, you can quite easily look at them and say "thank you for protecting me and my family." It's the right thing to do. A step in the right direction. To acknowledge their hard work on your behalf. To show them you were worthy of their efforts.