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support our troops us armed forces dayLegacy. Strange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he? ~~ Clarence, Angel 2nd Class, It's a Wonderful Life.
On a starless night on a desolate mountain top a soldier peers into the darkness. It's his third tour and his thoughts wander to his home, family and the friends he left behind. He worries about his wife and young child, how they are holding up without him, and he dreams about his homecoming celebration. It's in lonely moments like this that he wonders, "Does America realize what we are going through over here? Does anyone even care?" From Valley Forge to today, our neighbors have deployed as America's military to secure and protect our freedom.
Our military today is under unprecedented stress, having fought two wars simultaneously, and our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen have been tasked with multiple tours of duty in combat situations around the world. And even in peacetime, America has hundreds of thousands of men and women serving at military installations around the world. All for us. All at our request. All for our freedom. Legacy is that which people know of you when you are gone. It is a reputation, gift, lesson, way of helping or way of life, to be handed down to others.
A legacy is more than a statement of how one is remembered after dying. It is the doing of something that enriches life and reveals what one and one's life is about. Defining that legacy can enrich one's life even while one is still living. Leaving a legacy is like planting a tree. As that seed grows into a tree, it will provide further seeds, so that future generations can then plant their own. Their legacy is a nation and a world in which people have the opportunity to prosper. Their legacy is civilization as we know it, which would not exist but for their effort. What will be your legacy? There is no greater gift of love than to risk one's only life for another. What greater patriot is there than an American who steps forward to risk their life to defend us? What greater civilian patriot than one who steps up to support them in return? Support Our Troops is the charity through which we Americans bolster the morale and well-being of our active duty troops and their families. Won't you join us? Will you stand with those who stand for us? Will you stand like like the real men and real woman who built this nation?