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Good site! ~~Alan
There is not enough 'thank yous' we can say to our soldiers for everything they have done for us Americans as a nation. There is not enough money that we can pay for the danger they submit themselves to everyday so we can feel safe at home. There is no bigger tragedy than to forget their sacrifies. Be grateful! Be supportive! They are our freedom! They are our first front. Let's be their home front, so they do not feel alone. Good luck to you all! Please stay safe for the sake of your families! ~~Irina, Everett, Wash.
Thank you for all you do for us. You have become a strong soldier and you have made us very proud. We appreciate the sacrifice you have made to serve your country. ~~Timothy ------ /SPC/Army National Guard, Warren
G'day you lot! from an Aussie Ex Serviceman. Not many over here understand the big picture but please accept my heartfelt thanks... you do your country proud and help to keep mine safe...all the very best. ~~Forrest/Cpl/RAAF, Merrylands NSW Australia 2
I want to thank all you young men and women who are serving our country so proudly. My heart goes out to you. I served for over 23 years until I became very ill and the Army said it was time for me to go. I know how you feel. ~~RET MSG USA, Inverness, Fla.
Living in a military filled town really makes you appreciate how wonderful and important our service members all are when it comes to defending our freedoms. Thanks to all military members for your sacrifices. Once I'm out of high school, I'm thinking about joining myself. Thanks! ~~Tori G., Jacksonville, N.C.
To my brother and sister in arms, thank you for serving and risking your lives so that everyone can live a free and happy life unaware of the risks of war. You are all heroes and despite our uniforms don't match, regardless, we are all family! Keep it up and our thoughts and prayers are with you all! Come home safe! ~~Cpl/ Canadian Forces Army