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To our wonderful men and women of the Armed Services, Thank you! Thank you a million times over! You are the ones I want my kids to look to as heroes because that is what you are. Your courage, dedication and love of our country is so appreciated. You are the best! ~~Lexa --------, McKinney
Words alone cannot thank you enough for the sacrifice that you have made. I know that everything that you are doing is meant to keep my family and I safe and with that, please know how much you are appreciated. ~~Bethany -------, Chesapeake, Va.
Thank you for all you do. As a military spouse, your efforts and sacrifice are on my mind always and not a day goes by that I don't pray for you safety and well being. Thank you. Stay safe. ~~Ingrid V -------, Japan
Nowhere is America's greatness more apparent than in each of your beautiful eyes and noble, bravest of hearts. Thank you for all that you do for your country. ~~Dianne -------, Carriere, Miss.
God bless all of you courageous men and women serving our wonderful country! Just remember that you're thought of often and you're in millions of prayers every night! ~~Lorie -------, Vicksburg, Mich.
i just want to say thank you, for all you have done for us.'' ~~Tony, Colonie, N.Y.
Words can't say how much we appreciate your sacrifice and service to our country. Thanks and God Bless! ~~Anna --------, Farmerville, La.