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I just want to thank you all for your service and dedication. God bless and come home to your families soon! We miss you! ~~Lauryn -------, Gloucester, Va.
I just want to take a few minutes to say 'Thank You' for your service to our nation. Though you may have come in voluntarily, the things you often have to incur while serving are surely not what you may have signed up for. Nevertheless, you remain faithful to the cause. For that, on behalf of myself, my active-duty husband and children, I say again, Thanks. Keep the faith in GOD and know that you are not forgotten and are a constant reminder in our hearts and in our sincere prayers. ~~Melinda -------, Fort Polk, La.
THANK YOU! ~~Materlinski-------
Thank you for greatly serving your country. I hope you can feel the big waves of love coming your way, because it's heading straight for your brave hearts. I love you. God bless you, your families and the U.S.A. ~~Dianne ------, Carriere, Miss.
I pray that each one of you come home safely. As a mom who had a son in Iraq for 18 months I know the pain and concern of the families here in the good old USA. I hope you each you tell yourselves 'How important you are and how important the task is that you are doing.' Try to think of something to make you smile. My son told me this is the only way it all made sense. God Bless, walk safely and come home soon. ~~Linda L -------, Wasilla
Thank you so much for all you have done and will continue to do for your country. It takes an amazingly strong person to put themself into a situation where harm or worse could come to them. God Bless you for being that person! ~~Tami -------, Mineral Wells, W.Va.
What you are doing means the world to me. Saying thank you for your service doesn't even begin to say enough. Each of you has given more of yourself than necessary. I want you to know that you do have love and support back home. When you get home, I hope and pray that you all get the welcome that you deserve. More importantly, I pray for your safety and your families. Each of you are a hero and so much more to me. Thanks for all that you do, both at home and abroad. ~~Lorena -------