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Learn more about how your donations help, and the services
and goods we provide to active troops.

Care Goods Grant The Care Goods Grant program shares pallets of free new goods to known groups and organizations that are routinely shipping care packages to the troops. It is a core belief of SupportOurTroops.Org that we can do best by the troops by assisting all groups which are doing anything to bolster them. The more the better.

What Does the Care Goods Grant Program Matter? Procuring the actual goods to ship forward to the troops is one of the hardest things any troop-support group does. When by our name, luck, or effort we are able to attract large amounts of donated bulk pallet goods from good American companies, we distribute a large portion of the same to various troop-support groups for redistribution to the troops around the world. Different groups have different lists of troops and units to which they ship, and therefore the Care Goods Grant Program helps assure the quickest broadest distribution of donated goods to military members overseas. The Care Share Program helps by providing stock these groups can pull from for their care packages. The type of goods offered vary from time to time. The offer is made on a first-come first serve basis. The goods are all brand new, shipped via truck lines. The goods are always among the types of goods requested by the troops. Both the goods and the shipping are free from Support Our Troops.®

The Care Goods Grant Program Makes a Difference "Thank you so much! We truly appreciate it! We would love to have anything you have available!" ~~ Mary "Thank you so much! Looking forward to receiving it so we can include in our packages. We appreciate your support. Thank you!" ~~ Debbie "Again, thank you for your efforts at SOT, Inc., and for assisting [us] with our mission... the troops deserve all of us to work together to meet their needs." ~~ Garren