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Learn more about how your donations help, and the services
and goods we provide to active troops.

Troopons®–Coupons for Troops

Did you know that expired manufacturer coupons are still good for 6 months at U.S. military bases overseas?

The Support Our Troops® Troopons® program enhances the well-being of overseas and domestic military families by sending them food, non-food, baby, and pet manufacturer coupons to make their hard-earned dollars go farther.

What are Troopons?

Mail your coupons to:

Support Our Troops®
P.O. Box 70
Daytona Beach, FL 32115-0070

Troopons® are what you can do with coupons you don't use! Send them to the troops overseas! It's an easy way to make a big difference in their lives. pdfPrint and use our handy clipping/packing instructions. They get them packed the way the commissaries need them.

How You Can Help:

Here at home it's easy–our papers and magazines arrive full of coupons. Overseas, for military families, it doesn't. However–the stores on overseas military bases accept manufacturer coupons from the United States–even expired ones (see rules below). And here at home military families are not always able to afford the magazines and newspapers that provide coupons.

So what can we do? Well, this is America. We can do anything! Let's all pitch in to help these amazing men, women and families reduce their grocery bills and free up some of their pay for other necessities or niceties. Shopping abroad can be especially tough for military families, because currency exchange rates don't always benefit them, meaning their earnings may not go as far as they would at home. 

So every dollar you can help them save in their on-base store, makes their American dollar worth more to them for things off-base.

Troopons Make a Difference:

“It is AMAZING to me how many coupons are sent and how much we can save by using them! It is truly a blessing to us all! Thank you for your dedication to supporting our military and their families overseas! P.S. LOVE the baby, diaper, and Pull-Ups coupons!! Oh, who am I kidding, I love ALL the coupons! THANK YOU!!!!!”
~~ Dawn

~Happy Military Spouse and Mommy to Two Wonderful Angels, currently in Germany, "Hallo, I just would like to let you know that we received your coupons. Thank you very much and mainly for separating them in to those 4 categories for us, it helps a lot. Thank you! God bless you and take care!"
~ Illesheim, Germany.

How to Send Troopons:

Simply mail your coupons the cheapest way you can to us, and we will make sure they get to the troops.

Mail your coupons to:

Support Our Troops®
P.O. Box 70
Daytona Beach, FL 32115-0070

(Put your email address in the box so we can communicate with you electroncially! It costs a fortune to mail thousands of letters, and we can instead spend that further serving the troops!)

SupportOurTroops.Org administers the routing from there forward to base stores worldwide, and to bases across the U.S. following the constantly changing needs related to category and quantity per location.

What Should I Send?

  • From manufacturers for individual products; examples include items like soup, pasta, or toothpaste.
  • Not for individual stores - coupons for individual stores cannot be used.
  • Clipped out individually.
  • Packaged in sandwich-size plastic bags
  • Not assistance vouchers, not food stamps or the like; not restaurant coupons
  • Separated into food, non-food, baby, and pet baggies (the military advises they will recycle unsorted coupons due to lack of manpower).

Clip Out Your Coupons.

  • pdfPrint and use our handy clipping/packing instructions
  • We can't clip them for you and the bases will not accept them because they don't have the manpower.
  • Save people at the base time (they're doing quite enough for all of us already!).
  • Save on your postage (why pay to ship all the rest of that sheet of paper?).

Good Coupons

  • Only "Manufacturer's Coupons" can be used.
  • They can be from the newspaper, dispensers in grocery stores, tear-pads, and elsewhere as long as they state "Manufacturer's Coupon" on them.

Bad Coupons

  • No assistance vouchers.
  • No food stamps.
  • No store coupons.
  • No restaurant coupons.
  • No Internet coupons.

Sort & Pack the Coupons

  • Pack them separated in sandwich-size plastic bags.
  • Separate food, baby products, and non-food coupons to help the base volunteers and personnel send them to the right stores.
  • Don't use rubber bands, paper clips, etc.
  • Put your email address in the box to us so we can communicate with you electroncially! It costs a fortune to mail thousands of letters, and we can instead spend that further serving the troops!

Mark the Bags

  • Write "food," "baby," "non-food" or “pet” as appropriate on the outside of each bag.
  • Write the approximate value on the outside of the bag.
  • Use the maximum value printed on any "buy one, get one free" offers.
  • If none is printed, estimate.


SOT conducted a survey of troops regarding the Troopons program administer by Ph.D. survey specialist to assure scientific validity. The results were astounding! The findings show the following about military families served by the Troopons Program:

  • Over 60% said they use Troopons several times each month
  • 33% said they use Troopons weekly

Military families say use their savings to:

  • pay other bills
  • send their children to college
  • simply “make ends meet”
  • purchase things they otherwise could not afford

pdfSee the whole survey results here.

Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQs)

Let's make the troops as proud of us as we are of them!

Japan: "Good morning, On behalf of the Marines, Sailors, civilian employees and family members aboard Marine Corp Air Station Iwakuni, Japan, we would like to thank you and your organization for preparing and sending coupons to our service members and families. We truly appreciate your commitment and contribution to our coupon distribution program and would love for you to keep us on your mailing list. Our personal financial manager here at Marine and Family Services conducts a quarterly "Biggest Saver Coupon Contest," and it has been a huge success here on the air station. Last quarter's winner saved $216.95, and the biggest saver overall saved over $650. The winners receive a free one-hour massage. As you can see, the work that you have put forth with these coupons was not in vain. Again, thank you for all that you do to support our military community." 
~~Sincerely, Marine and Family Services, MCAS Iwakuni, Japan.

United Kingdom: "When we receive coupons, our staff separates them into small sealable sandwich bags then affixes labels . . . that all coupons are good for six months past expiration in overseas commissaries. We recently purchased over a dozen stand-alone baskets to hold bags of coupons and strategically placed them around our installation. The popularity of this program has grown to where we restock most baskets weekly and have received numerous comments from individuals on how much these coupons have saved them (up to 70% in some instances). Even I spend an evening once a month sifting through coupon bags at home!"
~~ Col Frank ----