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Learn more about how your donations help, and the services
and goods we provide to active troops.

seal-150px Support Our Troops® is the accrediting agency of the Seal of Assurance™ program which authorizes use of the seal by troop-related groups and on troop-related products, thereby helping ensure that the generosity of people who support America’s troops is not abused and facilitating more charitable giving to the troops. What is The Seal of Assurance™ Program? The Seal of Assurance™ program lets you know at a glance that your donation or purchase is safe and meaningful.

The Seal of Assurance™ program is designed to increase giving to all troop-related charities by removing doubt and uncertainty. This program puts a mark on goods and advertisements to inform people that Support Our Troops has reviewed the company or charity behind them and that in the opinion of Support Our Troops, an appropriate amount of the funds are going to the troops and/or their families.

How You Can Help: You can spend with troop-related charities and products that display the Seal of Assurance!™ When you make a purchase or a donation to show your support or patriotism, don't you want to know for certain that your purchase price is going to help the troops and their families? You can! It's easy: Buy troop-related products, or donate to troop-related charities, that display the Support Our Troops® Seal of Assurance™. Look for the Seal of Assurance™. If an item doesn't bear the Seal, your money might not be going to the troops or their families. The Seal of Assurance saves you a lot of time and investigation.  The Seal means that the company is accredited and in the opinion of Support Our Troops® an appropriate portion of your money is going to benefit the troops or their families. Other Ways to Help:

  • Whenever you get a mailer or see and advertisement that does not bear the Seal of Assurance, write or call the company and ask them why they don't use it,
  • Inform them that for the good of the troops and their families you must respectfully decline to purchase or donate until they do.
  • This is a voluntary program, so obviously do not penalize established well-known organizations that are legitimate when you know a reasonable portion of your interaction with them is going to benefit the troops.

What Does The Seal of Assurance Look Like?

seal-150px The Seal is simple and may appear in any color. When used on websites, the Seal appears as an active-link icon, which when clicked opens a small window in which Support Our Troops® confirms that the organization or merchant is an active accredited participant in the program. The Seal never properly appears as a static image on a website. Apply for the Seal If You Are a Group, Charity, or Product Seller. If you are a company or organization and you would like to help support troops, be part of the program. There is little reason not to use the Seal, since all that has to be done is to contact SOT®, demonstrate organizational validity and pay a nominal annual $12 fee.

Learn more and apply for the Seal.