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Message From troops 189

Thank you all in Iowa for supporting all the Armed Forces through out the globe! If it weren't for your direct support we, as America and Americans, would not be where we are today!! Most importantly thank you for also recongizing our brothers and sisters from the past wars and conflicts. This truly does effect us all now!! Semper FI (IOWA) MSgt King USMC ~~ Joseph ------, Mason City

Message From troops 190

Thank you very much for everyone's support. Keep of the great work. means a lot to the soldiers and marines fighting all across the world. ~~Patrick ------, SPC, US Army, Fair Haven/Red Bank, N.J.

Message From troops 191

I would just like to let people know that these messages are read by service members deployed every where. I am currently in Baghdad with the Army and Every time I get a chance to get on the internet I come here and read these after I check my email from back home. So I Just wanted to say keep sending them 'cause they are read and they do help. ~~Spc Schaefer ------ Baghdad, Iraq U.S. Army, Lexington, S.C.

Message From troops 192

I am stationed in Baghdad with an MP co. from South Carolina and I just wanted to let everyone back in the states know that these messages are read and they do help. Whenever I get a chance to get on the internet I check my email and then come here and read your messages of support. They do help. Keep sendin' 'em. Thank you. ~~Spc Thomas ------Baghdad, Iraq U.S. Army, Lexington, SC

Message From troops 193

I would like to thank everyone in support of all armed forces, I am active duty in Iraq with 3rd infantry division and it really makes a difference to the soldiers like myself who are on the front-lines knowing our fellow Americans can come together and support each other in these times. Again thank you, SSgt Patrick Buckley, 2nd bde, 3id 'rock of the marine'. ~~SSG PATRICK ------, HUDSON, N.H.

Message From troops 194

Thank you to all of you back home for showing your support. We couldn't do anything without you. God Bless. ~~Shane ------ CTR3 USN, Saint Charles

Message From troops 195

I just wanted to thank all of the people who have left messages of support. I'm deployed right now and I just got done reading some of the messages thanks again. ~~-J. ------, navy, Richmond, Ky.

* Service members, please provide a non .mil address. Thank you.