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Message From troops 267

I thank you very much and I know from everyone here that we appreciate everything that you are doing for us. Our men in Women in Iraq will be home soon and will be back with our families! GOD BLESS AMERICA! ~~PV2 -----, RA, washington, Conn.

Message From troops 268

A special thanks to everyone who supports your countries' soldiers. We could not do what we do without the steadfast dedication that the American population shows its countries guardians. While tough times get tougher, the American Spirit only grows stronger. Thank You for your support! Godspeed ~~Chad ------/SSGT/USAF, Morrilton, Ark.

Message From troops 161

I just wanted to send you all an e-mail and let you know that we really thank you for all that you are doing for us here in the 1st sustainment bde and all the soldiers in theater. Thank you!!!! ~~DANNY J -------,SGT ARMY, DALLAS

Message From troops 162

Thank you for the support, it means a lot and it helps me to get through this 15 months. I will retrun safe to see my beautiful state again. ~~PFC Dwight --------, Active Army, Ponca City, Okla.

Message From troops 163

Thank you to everyone who sends your love and support from home. The warmth helps make our job a little easier. ~~PV2 ------, Bethany United States Army, St.Louis MO

Message From troops 164

You guys are the reason we do what we do and you keep us going. I mean every day I see things that are thanking us and telling us good job but the thing is we thank you! I know that I am going to spend my Holidays here but when I have your support I am that much closer to home! Thanks you guys and kids! I love the kid messages too. But thank you and take care. Much love from CUBA! ~~Brodie ------ ITSA US Navy, Las Vegas (Henderson), Nev.

Message From troops 165

Thank you so much for your support, it means a lot to know that so many people back home think about and pray for all of the men and women of the military, both the deployed folks and those who are supporting the war from all around the globe. Thank you. ~~Steven -------, TSgt, USAF, Huron, S.D.

* Service members, please provide a non .mil address. Thank you.