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Message From troops 171

Thanks for this webpage and the kind thoughts expressed by all. It's important to know that the average citizen understands the sacrifices made by everyone in uniform and our families. ~~CPT P. ------ / US Army, Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Message From troops 172

Cooks from the Valley visit to Central Command - I just wanted to take a moment to thank organizer Mr. Tom Anton and all of his cooks for today's trip to Central Command. We were all able to take a moment out of our hectic day to feel appreciated as we enjoyed one of the best tasting meals many of us have had in quite some time. Reading an on-line article on, it shows the distance this team goes to - showing support to men and women in uniform all over the world (this is the 7th event they've supported). It makes an enormous difference and we thank you for taking time out of your lives and away from your families to do this for us. Best wishes - CPT Angel R. Wallace ~~Angel R. ------, CPT, U.S. Army, Albuquerque, N.M.

Message From troops 173

I just wanted to send a big Thank You! out to everyone in America who is sending us support and love. We GREATLY appreciate all your efforts and support. Your letters and packages help us to make it through... Nothing brightens up a soldier's day more than to receive mail. It helps remind us of home... And all the great things we are fighting for. I just wanted to send my thanks and let you know that no matter what happens, America is still the greatest nation on this earth and our people prove it every day. Thank you! James ~~SPC James ------ US Army, Scottsville, Ky.

Message From troops 174

For people like me who haven't been home in a long time, it's good to see and hear from the people we work/fight/die for. ~~Joshua ------/A1C/USAF, Granite City/Belleville, Ill.

Message From troops 175

I am currently deployed to Afghanistan with Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines. I must say that we are truly grateful for the support we get from numerous organizations like yours. I can't imagine the costs, hard work, and effort put out by so many thankful Americans in order to support us. Thanks for all you do and god bless America! ~~SrA -------, US Virgin Islands

Message From troops 176

Just reading these messages from all these people makes me proud to serve. I'm currently stationed in Texas and to have people come up to me and say thank you for protecting their freedom, it's just best thing to hear. ~~Lam ------,Petty Officer Third Class US Navy, Lawrence, Mass.

Message From troops 177

I am in Afghanistan right now and I would like to take this time to thank the men and women who work so hard back home to support me and my fellow troops. Thanks so much for your great support. ~~SGT Joe ------, Cambridge Ohio

* Service members, please provide a non .mil address. Thank you.