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My son recently deployed to Afghanistan for his first tour and I am very proud of his courage, loyalty and integrity. ~~Annette F-V, Appleton, Wis.
Happy Father's Day to all the troops. God Bless you. ~~Gerry ------, laguna Woods, Calif.
Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice so that this country can remain free. Let me apologize on behalf of all the arrogant and ignorant individuals who do not know any better than to support you in your efforts to keep ALL of us safe, even if you could choose otherwise. ~~Julie -------, Macomb, Mich.
To all of our troops far from home, THANK YOU for your service. You are in my thoughts and I send heartfelt wishes for your safe return. Take care of yourselves and take care of each other. ~~Tiffany -------, Los Angeles, Calif.
I just want to send a letter of gratitude to the troops who help to fight for our freedom and rights everyday. They put their lives in harm's way so that we can live in a better world. God Bless each and every one one you. ~~Carolyn, Birmingham, Ala.
Thank you for all you do. You portray what we Americans value most...freedom. Thank you for your commitment and bravery. Please know that we are all behind your efforts and appreciate you and pray for you daily. You are all heroes to us! ~~Linda --------, Westland, Mich.
May God bless and protect you and your loved ones. My daily prayers will continue for as long as there are soldiers in harm's way. Thank you! ~~Tina -------, Springdale, Ark.