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Message From troops 255

I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting and praying for us. Keep me and all the troops in your prayers. I love you. Very Respectfully ~~Alishia -----/HM2(SW)/USN, BECKLEY, W.Va.

Message From troops 256

I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone back home for all the support you give us. One of the only things a soldier wants in life is to know that someone cares. And that's why I am so proud to serve you. I have been deployed six times in my career and because of people like you back home it gets a little easier. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart see you all soon. ~~Kawika ------, SGT USA, Wahiawa

Message From troops 257

I would just like to say thanks to everyone back at home who supports us over here. Things get really hard most times and I know it would be near impossible to accomplish our missions without the unwavering support of everyone back at home. Thanks once again for all that you do for us over here, it most certainly doesn't go unnoticed. ~~PFC D. ------, Active Army, 4-2 ID, Haskell, Ark.

Message From troops 258

Thank you for the support and we will keep fighting the good fight. ~~ LCpl Jeremy A. -----, USMC, Ashland, Ky.

Message From troops 259

Thank You, Thank You, Thank you. We soldiers are very grateful for all of your support. I am glad to know that we have all the support from you. Thank You ~~Sgt Vila -------, Army, San Juan

Message From troops 260

Hello and Thank you to all who support us. Many of you put smiles on our faces that last for weeks. ~~SK2 ------, USN, Chicago, Ill.

Message From troops 261

Thank you all for your support. I just want to let you know that I enjoy and love my job with all my heart and I take pride in what I do. Many like me in the armed forces feel the same way and we not only do it for you, but we do it because in our hearts we know that it is what we were ment to do in life. I am honored to serve my country the way I do. My fellow brother and sisters in arms feel the same way. God Bless all. ~~James ------, Petty Officer Third Class, USN, Lake Isabella, Calif.

* Service members, please provide a non .mil address. Thank you.