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Christmas Morning Care Packages, Somewhere in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, December 26, 2014 - Dear Supporters, On December 24th we received your care packages full of personal hygiene items, coffee, candies, Underarmour shirts and iPads! What fantastic gifts just hours before Christmas day. The Christmas morning was celebrated with an 8 mile Jingle Bell Ruck in honor of our fallen heroes, SFC Mike Cathcart and SSG Matt Ammerman. We had 25 participants and everyone received an Under Armour T-shirt that you sent over. Each one of the Soldiers plays a special role in our mission either as a Support Soldier, or as a Special Forces Soldiers. All were extremely grateful to rummage through the care packages and to receive a T-shirt! (I also gave one to the Commander, XO and CSM of our unit!)

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Soldiers grateful for care packages

Writing Supplies Received By Soldiers

Afghanistan, recently – CW3 Thomas —–, of D Company, 3-82 AVN Regt, recently expressed his gratitude for a generous donation of care packages, including writing supplies, to his fellow soldiers given by Americans through SOT. According to its Facebook page, D Company “DARKHORSE" deploys world-wide and executes field-level aviation maintenance in support of United States joint forces and its allies. The company is also the winner of the Master of Readiness Award for CY2010 and 2011.

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Care Package received in Qatar

Qatar, 2-20-215- Technical Sergeant Heather —–, of a USAF Biological Augmentation Team stationed in the middle east, recently received a care package from Support Our Troops, containing much needed comforts from home. The supplies really touched her heart, she said, and brightened her team's day.

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20th CBRNE Command Thanks Americans for Military Family Event Support

Flag of the brigadier generalFlag of the brigadier generalI want to personally thank you for graciously donating to the Family Readiness Group of HHC, 20th CBRNE Command to ensure that the Daddy/Daughter dance was a success. Your donation ensured a smooth event and an amazing experience for all of our fathers and their daughters. Thanks again for your professionalism and service to the 20th CBRNE Command. "Liberty We Defend!" ~~ JB -----, Brigadier General

Support Our Troops® provides funding support for military family events.  These fall under the acronym MWR, which stands for morale, well-being (welfare), and recreation.

Chaplain Assistant requests help and supplies for military dog

He wants the military dog for therapeutic support

We received a compelling request recently, from a young soldier stationed in the Middle East. SPC Scott -- is originally from the National Guard in New Hampshire.  He's currently a part of the Headquarters Battery (HHB) of the 3rd Battalion, 197th Field Artillery Regiment.

Insignia for the 197th Field Artillery Regiment.Insignia for the 197th Field Artillery Regiment.SPC Scott -- works as a chaplain assistant, and as such, comes into contact with military soldiers who've felt the effects of their jobs firsthand. They come to him stressed and worn out. He has over 400 soldiers in his care. Scott wrote us and told us he's in the process of getting a military dog to help his fellow soldiers dealing with PTSD. The problem, he said, is that his unit doesn't regularly care for dogs. He asked us if we could help find him supplies for the animal.

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12 Deployed Airmen: Care Packages

1-31-2015:  I am the flight chief of 12 deployed Airmen. I wish to submit a request for care packages in which I will share with all my troops. I have seen your website and it is a wonderful service you put on. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  We are due to go home 30 July 2015. v/r, Master Sergeant Ernie ---- Read More Letters

Mother requests care package for son in Iraq

We recently received a letter from a mother whose son, Timothy --, is currently deployed in Iraq. She wants to give her son a care package of beef jerky. She was looking around the Internet for ways to help. As a mom, she knows and feels, in a very personal way, the sacrifice of our hard working troops. She knows firsthand what a care package can do, how they can make a soldier's day, and improve morale.

us soldier surveys terrainA soldier with the SC National surveys terrain during a training exercise. Her son's unit, she said, is originally from South Carolina, and she provided us with an APO address to send the package. Here's her letter: I FOUND YOUR WEBSITE WHEN I GOOGLED SUPPORT FOR SOLDIERS. SO GLAD THERE ARE ORGANIZATION THAT HELP OUR TROOPS. DEEPLY APPRECIATE THE HELP AND SUPPORT OF ANY CARE PACKAGE. I KNOW THEY GIVE A SMILE AND MAKE THEIR DAY. THEY WORK LONG 12 HOURS DAYS AND ARE VERY DESERVING. THANKS AGAIN MOM There are many moms like this and helping their sons and daughters is what we do. Can you help? Please contact us and let us know.

About Support Our Troops
Support Our Troops is America’s Military Charity.  We bolster the morale & well-being of the troops and their families worldwide. Our programs provide millions of dollars’ worth of care goods and services including family assistance, kid’s camp assistance, positive public support and more at hundreds of locations around the globe. If they’re there, we’re with them®.



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