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Happy New Year from 5th Special Forces Group

support-our-troops-org-5SFG_flashAn email thread that starts your new year off right!

Subject: Happy New Year Sent: 12-31-2015 Undisclosed Location

Happy New Year, we wanted to say thank you again for everything the men here are super excited for all of your support. We love you guys.. Keep us in your hearts.  ~~ SFC Wesley ----

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Message From troops 321

I would like to thank all the people who have shown their support of the troops and the military. I can't help but cry reading all the messages from the American public. I'm not deployed currently but face a possible deployment next year with my husband in the Indiana Army National Guard. We will be leaving behind our two young children and I know that reading these messages of support will help me a lot. Thank you. ~~SPC Angela -------, Ft. Bragg, NC, Ind.

Message From troops 318

Thank you all!!! The support that I have seen around the country and in my home state makes me proud to serve. It means a lot to get a letter from your family but to get a card, a package, or just a simple note from a school kid to let us know they care even when they don't know us, that is a gift that touches deep. May God bless your families and friends. ~~Sgt. Joseph J. ------, US Army, Beebe, AR, Ga.

Message From troops 319

Being in the Middle East can be a difficult challenge. Working long strenuous hours day after day. It can be easy to lose sight of what we are doing over here, however, do to all the support we get from the States, from churches, friends, and family, we can go on knowing that we are loved and appreciated. Thank you all for the support that you give, and know that it does not go unnoticed. God bless. ~~Michael ------/ET3/Navy, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Message From troops 320

I'm stationed in South Korea right now and I see all the videos and messages of and being away from family and friends it really helps me get though my time. I want to thank everyone who supports all the troops as we support our fellow brothers and sisters in the sandbox. Even if there isn't much that we can do even a simple message picks up the hope of everyone and may brighten their day. Thank You! ~~Sra Edmund -------, US Air Force, Edison, NJ

Message From troops 322

I love all the support and thank yous I get on a daily basis. I want to thank you too. Without you, my job would be much harder. I love all my fellow brothers and sisters in arms and all those that served and all those that stood by or raised a soldier. Stand Fast, Carry On, and OUT FRONT! Scouts Out! ~~Spc Chris ------, US Army Avation, Yorktown, Va.

Message From troops 323

I just want to express my gratitude to all those who show their support to all the soldiers serving. When I left for Iraq I was greatly touched by the people who showed up at the airport on our way overseas. I feel touched every time someone personally shows their support. I can't thank everyone enough. Even though I'm over in Iraq, I want to thank the soldiers who are out there every day risking their lives. I don't think they hear that enough from the soldiers that don't have a job that isn't as dangerous. I'm proud to be an American Soldier. ~~SPC ------, Army, Chicago, Ill.

* Service members, please provide a non .mil address. Thank you.