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Massive Good Will Gesture to the Troops Underway

Daytona Beach, FL - February 16, 2008 will on March 19, 2008 make the first shipment of the TONS of free popcorn treats to the troops all around the entire world.  A special Popcorn Media Area will be opened on this site to post news related to this major event, and to provide information for those in the media interested in telling America good news relating to the troops.    With each shipment we will issue an electronic press release via a national dissemination service to newspapers, television, radio, and magazines across the entire nation, and those releases will be also be posted in the Popcorn Media Area.  When  those releases commence, the assistance of all, including you personally with your email list, is kindly requested in spreading them as far as possible via email and such other means as you may have available.  It is right and proper that Americans know what a good thing they have done for their troops, who made it possible, and why.

A Study on the Relationship Between Media Reporting and the Enemy

A Study on the Relationship Between Media Reporting and the Enemy By Alex Kingsbury March 12, 2008 U.S. News & World Report The question has often been asked whether there is a causal relationship between media reporting expressing dissent or calling for withdrawals, and the actions of the enemy against us in Iraq. A pair of Harvard economists has completed a study of that and made certain findings.  Learn More.

True Grit: Marine Amputee Returns to Active Duty

February 28, 2008 Gunnery Sgt. Gibson went back to active duty in Iraq with a new prosthetic leg, saying that is part to show appreciation to my fallen Marines and also to tell the people of Iraq I'm back to help them any way I can.  Learn More.

* Service members, please provide a non .mil address. Thank you.