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MartinBoire_RyanNewman (1)Thursday, July 1, 12:00 Noon EST, Press Conference Room in the Media Center, Daytona International Speedway, 1801 W. International Speedway Blvd.,  Daytona Beach, FL 32114  Stu Grant, Goodyear® General Manager, Global Race Tires Thank you Kris.  A little bit of history I think is worthwhile, we originally started this whole program, this whole concept of  logo-ing a Goodyear tire with Support Our Troops® as our way of saying thank you to the men and women in the military that are fighting for our freedom around the world. It would seem to be very appropriate for us to use this as a platform to say thank you. And obviously we have that in place, but as we looked at it and thought about it and discussed it in more detail we decided, you know, it's a great opportunity to use this as a platform to raise money for the Support Our Troops® organization. As Kris mentioned, it's a great organization, provides a lot of support for military families in the form of care packages, support to the families at home, as well as those on the front line. So what were going to do this were going to take one of these tire, have it autographed by each of the 43 drivers in Saturday's Sprint Cup event here and were gonna' make those tires available to the Nascar community and the larger community in general as an auction item for a to get a autographed Goodyear Nascar eagle with a Support Our Troops logo on it and autographed by a racecar driver. StuGrant_MikeHelton_MartinBoire_RyanNewman (1)It'll be an online auction, you can go to there'll be an icon that'll take you to that site. A 100% of the money that is raised in that program is going to go to the Support Our Troops organization. That online auction kicks of  Saturday July 3rd. It'll last through the17th of July. We hope that it provides some additional support for the organization. We are going to see the initial auctioning with a $20,000 dollar donation to the company. So were excited about our involvement, were pleased to support the Support Our Troops organization, and happy to be parted up with Nascar at this race here in Daytona. I'll turn it over to Mike. Mike Helton, President of Nascar®. 3_Special_Edition_Goodyear_Support_Our_Troops_TireThanks, Stew and this is one we have several of , but this is one of the really, really fun moments that we get to participate in this sport, and it's a bit humbling as well. When Stew first came to Nascar and said ya know, Goodyear'd like to take a look in doin' this, it started off maybe a little slower, but as it sunk in it became one of those elements that made us very proud of our relationships that we had in this sport.  Goodyear's relationships with Nascar goes back to day one, but ya know, here an Akron Ohio based manufacturer that's using its relationship  in Nascar to support an incredibly great cause, and I don't think anybody and any age level or any part of this country has not been touched by the military element, whether it's a father, a grandfather, a son, or a daughter, we all are directly have been effected by military troops members, but we all generally as citizens of this country are, I think obligated to be respectful and mindful of the men and women, who, for generations through today don that military uniform and fight for causes that gave us the opportunity to do things that we do. And this is a neat opportunity for Nascar via Goodyear and this program to echo support. I think one of the things that Nascar certainly hopes is part of its legacy and heritage is the incredible respect and pride that we have for the military. It goes back to Bill Senior. It played a roll in there bein' a fourth of July event here in Daytona, and we work very diligently to maintain that respect and promote that respect quite frankly among all of our ranks.  So thanks to Goodyear and to your organization for coming up to this.  It makes us very proud, and thank you very much. Martin C. Boire, Chairman, Support Our Troops® MartinBoire_RyanNewman (1)The troops tell me everyday how much it means to them when the folks here at home stand up for them the way they stand up for all of us. And I want to thank Goodyear and NASCAR for stepping up for the troops in a major way.   Like most of you I've never been in the military.  But I've been in some pretty tough spots in this world, and I can tell you that what the troops do for us each day,,, is an awesome miracle. In fact, the red in the flag stands for them and they're giving their all to America, not asking what she'll do for them.  So I ask you,,,  isn't it time to show how much we care? And Goodyear and NASCAR have stepped up to help you and I do just that with a really fun and great program at   You wanna do something simple and fun to help the troops?   This is easy.   Just go to, click on the SOT icon and get in on the action.  And keep checking back because new things are being added every day. So I say let's all get together and make the troops as proud of us as we are of them.  And now here is Ryan Newman one of the great men who is going to help you and I do the troops proud by actually driving the launch of this great program on these Goodyear Support Our Troops tires this weekend. NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Driver, Ryan Newman 2-Ryan-Newman-Autographs-Special-Edition-Goodyear-Support-Our-Troops-TireThank you, Martin, I've always said people have asked me, and it comes every week, what does it mean to you to represent what the army, and the one word that always comes to mind is honor, and its an honor to represent the men and women that, past present and future, fight, that have fought and always will fight for our freedom, to have Goodyear work together with Support Our Troops®, and to drive a race car that has red, white, and blue on the tires, is really cool, so put our hands over our hearts and enjoy the great weekend.  There will be a lot of fireworks and some great racing but ultimately we need to sit down and think for a minute about the people that give us what we've got here and I really look forward to it.  I'm a little partial and hoping that the soldiers are pushing down on my tires and gripping my car a little more.  I'm kind of representing the US Army and what Support Our Troops and Goodyear have done in conjunction with Nascar to be able to put together a cool program like this is the first time I have been able to be a part of something that is this special with respect to what the soldiers and the great country that we live in is a part of so thank you very much. Questions Stu is this the first time that Goodyear has done labeling of this sort on a race tire? I can tell you for sure that this is the first time.  Your question is that this is the first time that Goodyear EVER loaded a tire with something other than Goodyear or Eagle? Yeah. It is the first time we've ever done that and I was telling Mike and Martin earlier how difficult it was to get the approval to do something like this. It was a great concept and a great idea we ended up going to the Chairman of the company to get authorization to put the name of another organization on the sidewall of our product.  So, yeah it s a big deal as Chris mentioned earlier and it's a first. Stu, will this be the only weekend that you have these branded tires or will they be at some other races at some other point? This is the only race that we are going to do this, it seemed appropriate that it be the 4th of July weekend to do something like this, it just all fit together. Yes, its just a one race effort.  The program online to raise funds and so on will go on for the next several weeks but as far as the racing operation and the look of the tires its just this event only. Stu is there any history or any way to gauge how much this tire set will bring and has anyone done anything similar to this to give you an idea of how much money will be generated at this auction? 1_Special_Edition_Goodyear_Support_Our_Troops_TiresYou wan to bid? We can start bidding now if you like.  You know what,  I don't know, maybe Martin could answer that.  We have no clue how much money we could raise.  We're just going to throw this out and see what happens and like I mentioned Goodyear is going to put an initial seed of $20,000.00 but I'm not sure how big this is going to get, I don't really know how much money we can raise.  I hope we can raise a lot. Obviously you brought enough tires to last the weekend, if your not going to do this program anymore what is going to happen to the extra tires that are branded. Are you going to sell them off or. People are fighting over the used tires and the new tires that are not mounted.  Honestly the Goodyear marketing program Nascar Marketing have a lot of outlets for these.  There's no shortage of people saying that I can do "x" with this tire and so and so.  There's a lot of programs that are providing outlets for these tires.  Kris (Goodyear marketing) if you want to expand   Yeah, as Stu was talking about we have some other uses for the tires.  As you go back and visit the site you'll see some other uses.  Also we are sending tires out to Military Bases and uses like that.  We are going to be spreading them far and wide and I think Martin is even working on sending some to Troops overseas.  Sowe are working on a lot of different  uses for the tires. Martin Boire.  I can tell you that one has already been spoken for by an eight year old boy that we passed on our way in.  Who informed his farther that he expects that tire to be purchased.   If an eight year old kid gets it I'm sure that real Americans that you find behind Nascar and Goodyear tire find out about this we're going to do well.
[caption id="attachment_4796" align="alignleft" width="350"]MartinBoire_RyanNewman MartinBoire and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Driver, Ryan Newman at 7-1-2010 Press Conference Announcing SOT Tires for this Year's Races at DIS[/caption] Daytona Beach, FL July 1, 2010: The troops tell me everyday how much it means to them when the folks here at home stand up for them the way they stand up for all of us.
And I want to thank Goodyear and NASCAR for stepping up for the troops in a major way.Like most of you I've never been in the military.  But I've been in some pretty tough spots in this world, and I can tell you that what the troops do for us each day- is an awesome miracle.In fact, the red in the flag stands for them and they're giving their all to America, not asking what she'll do for them.So I ask you-  isn't it time to show how much we care?And Goodyear and NASCAR have stepped up to help you and I do just that with a really fun and great program at
[caption id="attachment_4797" align="alignleft" width="350"]StuGrant_MikeHelton_MartinBoire_RyanNewman Left to Right: Goodyear General Manager Stu Grant, NASCAR President, Mike Helton, Support Our Troops(r) Chairman Martin Boire, and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Driver, Ryan Newman announce Goodyear, announce historic, weekend-long transformation of Goodyear race tires to say 'thank you' to the service men and women of the United States Armed Forces and to help launch the Goodyear Support Our Troops® fundraising and support program.[/caption] You wanna do something simple and fun to help the troops?   This is easy.   Just go to, click on the SOT icon and get in on the action.  And keep checking back because new things are being added every day.So I say, let's all get together and make the troops as proud of us as we are of them.And I am pleased to give you Nascar driver Ryan Newman, one of the great men who is going to help you and I do the troops proud by actually driving the launch of this great program on these Goodyear Support Our Troops tires this weekend.Martin C. Boire Chairman, SupportOurTroops.Org July 1, 2010
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[caption id="attachment_3836" align="alignleft" width="294"]ColonelComfortedBy The Commander of 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, Col. Chuck A.E. Sexton, respectfully folds the American flag that he has carried with him on deployments for the past 24 years. U.S. Army photo by Spc. Gregory Gieske.[/caption] CONTINGENCY OPERATING SITE MAREZ It goes by many names Old Glory, the Stars and Stripes, the Red, White and Blue but, no matter what you call it, the United States flag represents a free and unified country, indivisible, with freedom and justice for all.
However, for one U.S. service member here, one single, specific, U.S. flag provides a far more personal representation. Although worn, tattered, and frayed at the edges, it has witnessed the highs and lows of six different military deployments and has flown in five different countries.It's more than just the cloth and material, though, which gives this flag its special meaning. It represents the cause for which Soldiers have given their lives. It represents the Soldiers who serve their country, putting themselves into harm's way, preserving the freedoms we enjoy today.This specific flag has special meaning for Col. Chuck E. A. Sexton, the 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team commander, 3rd Infantry Division, who has carried it with him for the past 24 years. The respect he has for this flag is a quality bestowed upon him by his parents. "Both my mother and father's families were immigrants to the United States who left Europe to get away from oppression and slavery in Eastern and Western Europe," said Sexton, a New York City native. "When they came to this country, they valued the country so much they defended it during World War II. They taught me as a kid growing up, to always respect my country and flag." Respect for the flag has carried over to Sexton's military service. After his initial enlistment in the Army as a private, he was commissioned as an Infantry second lieutenant in July 1985. "It's a part of you. It's something that's very comforting to bring with me each time I go," said the self-assured New Yorker. "When I flew it in Somalia, it got some battle damage there. It also got some damage in the first Gulf War. It's very comforting to have it with you. Usually I keep it folded now, because it's frayed at the edges in a couple of places and it's got some shrapnel rips in it. "In the first Gulf War the stars and stripes got a little greyer from the oil fires," he continued. "It took a little bit of shrapnel from Iraqi artillery and it put a couple of rips in it. The wind was really strong then, so it kind of unraveled a little bit at the ends, too." Sexton said he remembers with clarity a windy day, Feb. 27, 1991, after capturing the Jalibah Airfield, a place south of Tallil, along Highway 8, during Operation Desert Storm. "After we captured the airfield, at eight o'clock in the morning and things were still smoking, we pulled out our flags because we had them stowed during the attack," he said. "I mounted mine on top of the track. It was for a good reason part of it was for morale and the other was so we wouldn't get hit by our own aircraft. It was a really good feeling to see the good old Stars and Stripes unfurled and flying in the breeze. You heard a lot of the guys cheering and it was a good feeling, seeing that flag flying." It flew every day, and was then refolded until his next deployment, when he was called to serve in Somalia in 1993, where it was unfurled and once more flew on a daily basis. "Now, when someone asks me to re-enlist them, or asks me to promote them, I always bring it with me," said Sexton. "It's kind of neat to look over the last 20-plus years and the number of people that have stood under that flag with their hands up swearing an oath either an oath of re-enlistment, or an oath to our nation. It's easily in the hundreds now. "It's even neater to watch the Soldiers you've been with. It causes it to become more tangible and more of a living thing. That is the most critical part it represents the people. That's what makes our country great. It's the people it represents, instead of one specific leader. The flag talks about that continuity," he concluded, with a knowing smile. June 22, 2010: Written by Maj. Stephen Holt, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division
[caption id="attachment_3831" align="alignleft" width="298"]ManFindsSolace This marble emblem for 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, was created by Charles Wagner, from Rainier, Wash., a mechanic with General Dynamic Land Systems. Wagner will present it to the brigade at the end of their deployment here. U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Zach Zuber.[/caption] DIYALA For Charles Wagner, a mechanic with General Dynamic Land Systems, it all started when three U.S. Soldiers lost their lives here in 2005.  Wagner, a U.S. civilian contractor then working in Mosul, had to find a way to deal with the pain of losing his friends.
As a way to elevate his sorrow and honor the U.S. military, Wagner began shaping marble stones into crests, crosses and hearts. Since that time, he has created many works of art for units and individual service members."This started out as a way to displace myself from what's going on over here, working during off hours to focus on other things," said Wagner, a native of Rainier, Wash. Wagner said he lost all three Soldiers on one mission, and he created hearts, crucifixes, and lancers for each of the parents as a way to connect to them. During that first tour, in 2004-05, he carved a full-size lancer for 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division. Then, during his 2006-07 tour with 3rd SBCT, 2nd ID, he created a replica of the Indian-head shield that represents the 2nd ID. When he deployed with the 3rd SBCT here in August, he received the request to make that crest, which includes the 2nd ID shield on top of an arrowhead, with the number three located above the shield. The piece, carved from nearly fifty pounds of marble, is a chance to leave a permanent personal memento with the brigade, said Wagner. "I was born at Madigan Army Hospital [at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash.], so I kind of share the pride of the brigade," he said. "And for the Soldiers, this is my gift back because of what the military has done for me. It's a lot of pride for me to be asked to do this, and to offer it to the Soldiers of the brigade." Wagner is quick to share his gift with any who are interested. Often, when Soldiers drop off vehicles to his shop for repair, they see the stone carvings he has laying around. If a curious individual asks about them, Wagner gladly explains how they can create their own art from a simple block of stone. "If you give someone a square block, they can take a saw to the corners and round it off with a washer to make a perfect circle," said Wagner. "That's what I show to Soldiers I meet; to help them take their mind off of what's going on and let them drift somewhere else." After they are taught basic carving techniques, the Soldiers then have the opportunity to enlighten the teacher. "I can't understand why people do what they do just from looking in their eyes, but when I see what they make I see different creative views," said Wagner. "Everybody has a different opinion of how life is, and you can see that when someone is given a piece of stone and turns it into a unit crest, a shot glass, or even just a ball." By spending time here just like Soldiers do, he understands how they feel about being away from home, he said. His hope is to offer those willing to listen some of the knowledge he's gained through years of life experiences. "Our main thing here is to help Soldiers," he said. "The main thing is to at least make the time here seem shorter." Since he started working with stone more than seven years ago, Wagner has provided more than 100 Soldiers with a piece of marble and the proper tools to shape it. When the time comes this summer for him to present the crest to the 3rd SBCT, all will know that it also represents a piece of his heart. June 19, 2010: Written by Pvt. Zach Zuber, 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division
GirlsScoutsGirl Scouts of San Gorgonio Troop 1124 adopted two female Marine Privates who are both currently deployed overseas. The two women, along with Gunnery Sergeant Lee from the Marine Corps Recruiting Station in Temecula, visited with the Daisy troop to talk to them about what it is like to be a soldier in the military. The girls were very curious about bootcamp and had many questions about what was like. They learned that it helped build strength and stamina. The Privates described what it was like to do massive amounts of marching and running with heavy packs on your back. "Do they give you extra time to do stuff because you're a girl?" one scout asked. "Sure they do," the women laughed. "The men have to make the run in 8 minutes. We have to do it in 8 1/2 minutes. They give us a whole extra 1/2 minute!" The troop also learned that the Marines are the only branch of the military that puts women on the front lines. GirlsScouts2The girls wanted to know who made a better soldier--men or women. The Marines replied that it depended more on the person rather than on their gender. The women talked about how courage, character and confidence, the foundations of Girl Scouting, apply to the military as well. These three important principles, they told the troop, are what make a good soldier. Gunnery Sergeant Lee gave each of the girls Marine lanyards and water bottles with the inscription, "Pain is weakness leaving the body." According to scout leader Irene Trovato, the water bottles were a big hit with the girls. One little girl in the troop still carries it around with her wherever she goes. One of the biggest lessons that the troop came away with was that girls could be pretty and feminine and still be strong soldiers. The Marines were all incredibly good sports, not only answering questions, but also working with the girls doing improvisational skits and planting flowers. GirlsScouts3Both of the female Marines are currently deployed overseas, and the Daisy Girl Scouts still stay in touch with their adopted friends by sending letters and drawings. Whenever either of the Privates writes back to a girl, she brings the letter to her troop meeting to read aloud to the rest of the scouts. The girls also take turns watering the flowers planted by the two Privates as a way to honor and remember them. According to Gunnery Sargent Lee, there are many other soldiers who would love to be adopted by the Girl Scouts. Troops can contact him at the Marine Corps Recruiting Station in Temecula for more information (951) 719-3486. May 12, 2010: By GSSGC Girl Scouts
CookieGirlScoutOn Saturday, May 15th, Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio (GSSGC) will pack up 70,524 boxes of Girl Scout cookie donations raised through their I CARE program. The cookies will be shipped to Operation Gratitude, a non-profit, volunteer-based corporation dedicated to sending care packages to military service people deployed overseas. "This is the largest one-time donation from one Council we have ever received!" said Carolyn Blashek from Operation Gratitude. "What an amazing effort by these girls!" She is excited at the prospect of announcing this record-breaking figure at the armory on Saturday. "The crowd is going to go wild!" said Blashek. "We are so proud of our Girl Scouts and their I CARE project this year!" said Elizabeth Locke-Thomas, Vice President of Product Sales for GSSGC. "This was our largest collection to date, with 70,524 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Given our current economy, we were stunned by the generosity of so many." CookieGirlScout2Locke-Thomas believes the "double good deed" message of the I CARE program held a strong appeal for many people. "A donation of this magnitude is truly a Council-wide project. We had thousands of cookie booths throughout our six week cookie season, and at each booth Girl Scouts were reminding people 'If you can't eat them, treat them.' When you participate in our I CARE program, you are not only supporting our future leaders in Girl Scouting, but also our men and women serving in the military. How often do you have the opportunity to do two good deeds at once? It is a powerful message, and this year the community rallied behind it in a staggeringly generous way!" The I CARE program not only supports military service people but also local food banks, women's shelters, Ronald McDonald houses and camps. Cookie buyers can choose which organization they would like to gift with their cookie donation. The entire community benefits from this program in a broad umbrella of giving. On Saturday, May 15th, approximately 52 Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts will travel by bus to the Amory in Van Nuys to deliver the boxes of cookies and package them for shipping. May 11, 2010: By GSSGC Girl Scouts