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Afghanistan, October 25, 2016: Hello All, Our team here at the Regional Contracting Office Afghanistan want to say THANK YOU for thinking of us and the great support that you provide to us. Thank you for supporting America's troops.

Without Hesitation or Fear!
~~ SGM Darnyell -----

support our troops org 901stAfghan2

Afghanistan September 22, 2016 –
Support our troops,

support our troops org 386aeglogoWe recently received our care packages and I must say that they are awesome and have definitely enhanced the morale in our deployed working center.

All of the airman who received the packages were beaming with thankfulness when they opened and seen the goodies. Most specifically our one female airman was overwhelmed with thankfulness that the items she received were dedicated to our female deployed.

Most of our deployed members have never received care packages from home yet and the look on their faces when they received your packages was one of true thankfulness, overwhelming emotion and a deep sense of being encouraged during this difficult time.

Thank you deeply, ~~ TSgt John -----

Task Force Longhorn, the 303rd Military Intelligence Battalion, transferred its Resolute Support mission authority to TF Sentinels, the 502nd MI Battalion, during a ceremony held June 13, 2016 at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

Bagram, Afghanistan, July 19, 2016—I just wanted to send my deepest thanks to the folks at Support Our Troops for all the care packages.  Our Battalion is currently in Afghanistan and I have been the lead recipient of your packages.  We have Soldiers located across the country and some have no access to US run stores. 

Africa, August 14, 2016 - I would like to take the time to personally thank you for all you do for The US Military and getting care packages out here to us in Africa. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. What you do is truly wonderful and we appreciate you. The troops love getting the packages and getting to see what is inside each one, keep being awesome.

Attached is a picture of myself and my husband who are both deployed here. And a recent care package distribution here on our base :)

Katlin and her husband

Thanks again,

Katlin -----, SrA, USAF

support-our-troops-org-Thank you from the 380th Air Expeditionary WingSW Asia, May 28, 2016 - We have received a lot of your packages - thank you so much for sending them! We can never express how thankful we all are here to have people like you back home thinking of us! Thank you again so much - please pass along our appreciation to all of those who have helped you and donated to your organization!
~~ MSgt Matt ----

About the 380th Established in Southwest Asia in January 2002, the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing is home to approximately 3,000 personnel completing one of the most diverse combat wings in the Air Force. The wing is comprised of 4 groups and 16 squadrons. Its mission partners include an Army air defense battalion and a Navy aerial maritime surveillance detachment.

support our troops USS mason

Indian Ocean, July 24, 2016 - Hello, Just wanted to send you all an email to say thanks for sending me a care package. I'm sure you hear it all the time but you have no idea how appreciative we are when we receive unexpected packages. Not everyone has family or friends who can send them needed items during deployment, but you all have made that happen for so many Sailors and we can't say thank you enough.

OCONUS, May 15, 2016 -  We just received 5 packages from you and we wanted to give our thanks to the men, women, and children that took the time in sending these packages to us.

OCONUS, May 15, 2016 - We just received 5 packages from you and we wanted to give our thanks to the men, women, and children that took the time in sending these packages to us. We were over whelmed as we opened each box and distributed the contents throughout the Soldiers in our unit/team. We all found it very hard to come up with the words that could describe the gratitude and thankfulness that we all experienced in receiving the gifts. It is because of concerned citizens such as yourself that we continue to serve and protect our great Nation, the United States of America. The love and generosity you have shown us will stay with us for our remaining time of deployment, and even for many years after our re-deployment. The picture I am sending was taken back in November of 2015. Since then, we have grown in numbers and some have changed out with other members of the service. We will be sending an updated photo in the near future. God Bless each and every one of you, God Bless our Families, and God Bless the Greatest Nation on the face of the earth, the United States of America! ~~ SGM Seann ------